Some Possible Reasons Why You Are Unmarried & May Never Be


Why You’re Unmarried

Why are you unmarried? Ladies, the establishment has infected your brain with a feminist reasoning. Wanna know why most men hate feminism? It’s not because of your financial independence or sexual “liberation.” We actually like those. Feminism makes you inconsistent, romantically. Plus it teaches you to avoid accountability. With those, remain unmarried because you are only good as a pump and dump. For men, marriage is an investment, feminism makes you a bad investment. You’re a shipwreck waiting to happen, so the men run from you! Oh, and because we’re nice we don’t want to hurt your feelings by telling you to your face. Men will back it in real nice, neutral slam it, park it and leave your ass unmarried in the parking lot where they found you. That is the main reason why your date turns into a porn show. He sees no value in you as you.*

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