Ten Noble Traits that Scripture Does Not Attribute to Gay Folk

Throughout history, numerous straight people have observed gay people with an eye of contempt. We can find one useful guide to this statement in the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. If you grew up in the Abrahamic tradition, you would know that the Torah, Bible, and Koran describes these two cities as sinful. But as you analyze the account from today’s perspective, one can conclude that the inhabitants of those cities had developed a culture in which sex addiction was reasonable.

Therefore, the scripture described the people of Sodom and Gomorrah as willing partakers of debauchery. There is a cynical side to this legend. That is when the scripture described how God struck the two cities. Straight people attribute the cause of that to homosexuality. Rather than the sexual oppression that existed there. Not every religious scholar regard Sodom and Gomorrah as harborers of homosexuals. Think about it, the angels showed up to rescue Lot, his wife and two daughters from God’s destruction. Not the sexual melancholy that breathed there.

The Root Cause of Gay Stigma

Yes, to be accurate, the story mentions an angry mob of men that gathered outside of Lot’s door. They demanded that he sent out the angels in his house who appeared as men. The account clearly reveals that the angry mob intended to rape them. It should be fair to conclude that the legend of Sodom and Gomorrah is influential. It is the fabrication that leads to the stigma against gays. Am I right or wrong? Either way, you interpret this. Also, consider a few questions and think freely.

Were the people of Sodom and Gomorrah straight, homo or bisexual? Was the proposed wrath of God due to them being only gay? Was it because of other unrestrained behaviors? Ask these questions because of the accounts where they said, prophets arrived in these two cities. To teach the people a more respectful way of living but were gang-raped alternatively. Which causes me to notice the word rape, coming up quite often in the story.

Ill Justified Gay Stigmas

Another question is since they portray God as a benevolent deity, why should turn Lot’s wife into a pillar of salt? Many will say it’s because she disobeyed. Was her crime looking back to see the destruction of her home? Some may give it a more symbolic meaning. A woman who was in love with vanity, materialism or comforts. Having left all her belonging in such a rush shouldn’t be understandable if she remembered something valuable and looked back instinctively? Okay, let’s forget that; what about Lot and his daughters, had they obeyed every instruction?

Are you getting my point? Don’t be fixated on the sentiment that I’m liberating homosexuality. Instead, take notice of how the inscription of our guiding standard of human values describes the women of Sodom and Gomorrah. The logic is if the scripture was against homosexuality so much, wouldn’t it make more sense that it would put women on a higher pedal stool? That is since it would need women to be equal to men in a heterosexual setting. But that is not the case, this scripture belittles the women from these cities. You may ask how did I come to that conclusion?

Sexual Double Standards

My answer to that is taken from the obvious example where Lot’s wife, turns to a pillar of salt. And before she became a statue, Lot himself had offered both of his virgin daughters to be raped by the angry mob that called for him to send out his new guests. We are reading a story where the author suggests that it is okay for a father to offer his daughters to rapists. When God destroys both cities for being gay? And thirdly, Lot would later have sex with his own daughters but only when he has no better options? So once again, we see the author after killing off the wife for disobeying, offering the daughters up for gang rape now masquerades them for drunken incest with their father? 

The story is so vulgar it totally ignores the polygamy part. But being gay is punishable by death? How can this make any sense? Recognizing that I’m investigating the root cause of homophobia with a non-Abrahamic attitude, my fellow Christians may adulterate this blog as a demon invigorated quackery. Except that is precisely the point, I’m making. We justify or ignore the other extremely hazardous procedures and double standard only to alienate what we decide to hate. Dare I even suggest that the scripture also describes God as omniscient? Which means He knew the sequence of events that would occur with Lot, his wife and daughters before they did.

Religious Bigotry

However, he had the power to prevent them but did not. When you break this down, one Christian can ask another Christian why did God create gay people, if He does not like them? He saved Lot from His destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah rather than from the dangers that the passage attributes the city. God rescued Lot as the better person who deserved to live knowing that his wife would die and he would end up having drunk sex with his daughters? And the generalization is that all gays are like the people of Sodom and Gomorrah, though all straights are not like Lot?

Where is the sense in this analogy? Was it preferable for men to rape girls instead of being homosexual? What is the value of Lot’s daughters? Lot was supposed to be the only righteous man that is why God saved him from Sodom and Gomorrah. From my perspective, if we suggest that all gays are like the people of Sodom and Gomorrah, then we should also say that all straight people are like Lot and Abraham. However, as the story of Lot reveals, most homophobic people are blatantly misogynistic or partakers of other mischiefs such as fornication, adultery, heterosexual debauchery or even hatred which are all sins under the Abrahamic tradition. 

In Conclusion 

When it comes to feminism, my personal opinions go against its fundamentalist perspectives. The generalization that all males are patriarchs or the call for women to abandon their responsibilities in the home. I attribute the same to the gay culture where I am not homophobic. My contest with gay culture is only when it infringes on the religious rights or freedoms of others or when politicians push to introduce it to children. I focus on the Abrahamic tradition in my blogs on these sorts of points because as I’ve said earlier, it appears to be the root cause of homophobia as well as misogyny. 

Clearly, my point is what’s with the double standard? In this tradition, many people will easily show disdain for gays, taint their manner of sexual intercourse as unnatural and quote scriptural passages that call for the immediate alienation of gays. Although I’m not here to preach the scripture or venerate the gays, what I will attempt to do with this blog is to list and describe Ten Noble Traits that the Scripture Does Not Attribute to Gay Folk.*


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