Ten Things Men Should Do When Faced With Misandry Pt. 2

6. Focus on Yourself & Do You

Many of these suggestions go against the rational principle of life. From a very young age, society teaches men to be expendable. It fills the boy with the idea that he must learn a trade so he can support his family instead of teaching him to learn how to help himself. How can you protect a wife and family if you cannot sustain yourself? As 21st century men, you must ignore the man-shaming, stop and think of your best investments. 

Your grandfather was a stand-up guy because he lived in a different time. Don’t put yourself second to anyone in this century. You come first! Again, we must put this thought into perspective. I’m not advocating for selfishness here. I’m speaking of self-love. The idea that you should do something that is detrimental to yourself, make self-sacrifices, or make yourself expendable, is misandry. Therefore, you must limit how many disadvantages you face, especially if they will not be appreciated. The only exception is where the lives of your children are concerned.

7. Be a Handyman / Secure Your Home

I bought my first home at the age of 26. At that time, of course, I intended to marry a wife and fill the house with babies. At a young age, I focused my energy on owning my very own home. I’ve also been known to buy my car outright, even if it’s a used one, rather than leasing or financing a brand new one. The sharpest quality of being a man is your ability to build your own home with your own hands. The 21st-century system has created mortgage companies and home construction conglomerates for that. However, it is essential for a man to build his home.

As a young man, your primary goal should not be to get married. That was important when people cared about not sinning. Today, your goal should be to own your home. You want a space where you have freedom and comfort. A peaceful abode that no one can take from you. How many men, spend their first few paychecks on a wedding ring instead of saving it towards a home? They confuse lust with love and become fixated on a woman they’ve met. Then they spend their money on an elaborate wedding when they don’t have a home. Now, you’ve spent $30k on a wedding when you need a home. Think guys.

8. Don’t Give Money with the Assumption that the Reciever will Honor You

Listen carefully, here is another rule that borders on principle. You want to dissect your ideas and use them in the proper viewpoint. A religious person knows to pay tithe. A successful man considers giving to charities and foundations. You should help a friend in need. Help the poor in need. Be generous with your wealth because it’s better to give than to receive. 

My point is in a man-shaming world you should be aware that giving away your money in the wrong way at the wrong time, in what you may consider as your act of service will NOT accommodate you in the long run. There are many stories where strong and powerful men gave hundreds, thousands or even millions of dollars away. When they faced shaming or scandal, the media bastardized them. Their community stripped them of their status, but the money never earned them the honor they expected. Save your money, you may need it for a lawyer. Beware, women are not always grateful. 

9. Man-shaming and Shaming of Fellow Men

There is a growing number of men who are ashamed to be men. They discover horror stories of the oppression that many women face at the hands of some men. They hear about rape culture, misogyny, domestic abuse against women, infidelity, unequal pay, slut-shaming and they feel humiliated. Other men have trapped themselves in a court of public’s opinion. Society second-guesses, criticizes, rejects or bastardizes everything they do.

The civilization hijacks the male’s innate masculine passions, such as sex chasing, taking risks and roughhousing and attribute them to negativity. The society is not designed to feel your pain, fellas. They consider you to be expendable. They only need you to do the most dangerous tasks or to die in a war. The politicians, mainstream media, major corporations and your court system are designed to function that way. The mainstream media promotes misandry for that exact reason. Your feeling does not count! Knowing all that it is ill-advised to attack or shame other men when they make honest mistakes. 

Of course, you should not encourage a rapist or a pedophile. Associating with a murderer for apparent reasons is dangerous. However, you should CHECK YOURSELF before you shame your fellow man. Many guys are unaware of the societal war against MALES. Most of their bad habits are things that society thought them to do. Now the community has changed, and those same men are now scapegoats as they do what they are supposed to do. Society shames MEN when they act like men. You should teach a man who is making a mistake instead of shaming and shunning him. Or the next victim might be you.

10. Sexual Harassment Against Men

In the attempt to prevent oneself from becoming a victim of misandry a man must reject all unsolicited advertisement with a sexual annotation. Remember, you want to take back the power sex has over you. Again, you should expect society to shame you for that, except it is necessary to endure that shame. You do not hate women. You are merely saying, in a world of man-shaming, rape culture, and everything else, you do not support a product or company that has a double standard.

If you’re watching TV and a commercial comes on where women are displayed sexually, you should change the channel. You know that if you saw the same woman at work or in the streets and you hailed her over to you, the society could term that as catcalling, sexual harassment or misogyny so why buy a product where this image is used to sell to you?

The idea here is not the hatred of the women in the commercial but the double standard of the company. They are targeting you, a male customer, directly by using elements of the rape culture that they would shame you for if you made the mistake of approaching a woman who did not want you to contact her. So why make yourself available to be approached the same way or enticed with the same things they shame you for pursuing

In Conclusion

The idea is no more to replace misogyny with misandry than it is to replace misandry with misogyny. Both must go. However, the world cannot sustain itself without misandry because it needs men to sacrifice themselves. The country needs men to die in wars, give their money away, or make themselves expendable. It requires men to take on dangerous or challenging tasks, and it needs men to be it’s burden bearers. Let them shame you for being wise and refusing to be a fool. 

Furthermore, some men have taken advantage of the privileges they’ve earned with their talent and abilities. Some have become addicted to toxic substances, engaged in rape, domestic abuse, crime and other acts of violence against women. Some men are in fact misogynistic just as some women are misandristic. In our attempt to rid the world of gender bias it is our responsibility to teach both men and women the essence of mutual respect and fairness towards each other.

The opposite of misogyny is misandry! The capacity to reject others is not strength, it’s emotional insecurity. A strong person is one who forgives, one who loves unconditionally and one who accept people based on their individual character, not their gender. Let’s help to bring an end to gender war!


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