Ten Things Men Must Do When Faced With Misandry

We live in a world where man-shaming has become a trend. The liberal faction of the mainstream media (led by CNN) has deliberately interpolated the idea of man-shaming into the court of public opinion. This court of public opinion often rejects religious pedagogy because some priests or pastors were either gay, pedophile or an adulterer. They ignore dictionary definitions with the unwritten assumption that logic is patriarchal. This public opinion also shames men by determining their punishment for crimes that they have accused those men of committing. The question is what men should do about misandry?

1. Identify Misandry & Know When it’s Being Done

In my opinion, the best way to confront man-shaming is not to be ashamed. You take a bold stand without regard for the public’s view. You honor your leaders, follow traditions that are not misogynistic, you continue to use dictionary definitions though you trust your logic. The idea is to prevent the replacement of misogyny with misandry. You do not want to replace women-shaming with man-shaming. Instead, you stand your ground against both of them. Exactly how can you stand your ground when you are unaware of what is happening to you? You must correctly identify the problem before you can react to it appropriately.

2. Take Back the Kitchen & Have Respect for Your Stomach

Never accept a meal that someone has offered with disrespect. You are a man who stands for women’s rights, respect and equality. You must demand the same justice, respect, and fairness in return. History tells us that men were the first cooks. That means if you cannot cook, all you need to do is learn. Men discovered cooking. Before the first man discovered the fire and decided to roast his kill, people ate raw food.

You must have a few recipes, do grocery shopping and cook delicious meals that you serve with the same respect you require from others. You’re not cooking to spite women or feminism. You are preparing your lunch because you have to eat. You have a body that must feed nutritiously. You should take care of your body. Even if your meal is not delicious, eat it. If you deny that men invented cooking, you may want to look into wigs, skirts, and dresses as well. You would be amazed to discover that men designed the first wig for males who attempted to cover their bald spot. Get in the kitchen and prepare your meal.

3. Protect Yourself & Safeguard Your Potential Offspring

Do not enter into a romantic relationship because you want sex. If you ask a woman out make sure you are falling in love and not lust. If you feel lust make sure the attraction is mutual. Never, ask a woman out or lead her on romantically if you are not falling in love. Furthermore, as you fall in love if the woman does not exhibit a mutual feeling you must move on to another woman.

Always know that the call girl is a man’s best friend. Remember that you are in control of your sex life. You do not rape or cheat. You satisfy your sexual urges. Know that in a long-term relationship your partner may not always be in the mood for sex. She may also decide to withhold sex as punishment or reject you in an attempt to chip away at your confidence. If you force her, it’s rape, and if you find someone else to sleep with, you’re cheating. Take control of yourself by not locking yourself in a monogamous relationship due to lust. You will trap yourself.

If you are single and you feel a lot of lust get a call girl. They are usually $50 to $100 in most cities. Some as cheap as $20. Get a call girl or rub one off but only enter into a romantic relationship if you have fallen in love with the woman and she’s also in love with you. Get it? Lust and love are two different things. Protect yourself. Practice SAFE SEX! Many beautiful women carry a host of sexually transmitted diseases (as men do). Women have easier access to sex than men. Some start having sex early and have experienced a lot of sex with multiple partners. Be wise and safeguard your potential offspring.

4. Do Not Enlist Yourself or Others to Fight in Wars

Let me start by saying we honor all our war veterans. As patriotic citizens, it is all our responsibility to defend our homeland if enemies invade. Then also, you must understand that times have changed. There are such things as the patriarchy, radical feminism, the court of public opinion and man-shaming. Men are disproportionately the highest number of victims of war. Many warriors return home to cheating girlfriends, fiances or wives.

Numerous veterans have trouble finding help for PTSD, or medical treatment. Oh did I say, several young men, die or return with significant war injuries? Don’t fight someone’s war IF THEY ARE NOT going to uphold the values you fought to protect. Don’t die for a society that will shame you or replace the cultures that drove you to enlist in the first place. If you must fight, fight to restore order in your own homeland. Fight to prevent your community from going adrift.

5. Do Not do a Dangerous Job Unless it is Your Dream Job

Was your father a fisherman? And your father’s, father, father was a fisherman? This line of work is your family’s tradition? Sure! You’ve always dreamed of being a policeman? You do not see yourself doing anything else because this line of work is the only thing that you want to do? Yes! You are following a calling; you have the talent, and it drives you to a just cause? Absolutely! BUT never take on a dangerous job just for the pay nor to use that money to marry someone or to prove to society that you can be a productive individual. Misandry is misandry. You care about yourself first before anyone!


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