Terry Crews vs. Hollywood Molestor

What part of the hood did Terry Crews come from? In my hood, strong, muscular men don’t come out crying about someone who grabbed them by the penis. He’s supposed to be the bully, not the bullied. We beat that predator’s face in. He will never prey on another victim again. Like it should have been in the headlines, “Terry Crews Bashed Hollywood Executive’s Skull for Grabbing his Penis.” And he said that man got him in front of his wife. I’m not gonna lie, when I heard Terry Crews speak on his “sexual assault” I lost respect for him. I can’t even watch another Terry Crews movie anymore.

It’s not to make fun of him as a victim of sexual assault, but the fact that he has all those muscles and a masculine figure and yet he appears to be too weak to knock that man’s teeth out. I could see if it was Kevin Hart saying that or a brother who came from prison. But this is a free, and able-bodied man at a party. He could have reacted a bit differently is all I’m saying. And we all would have supported him if he got blackballed.


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