The Absence of a Father’s Discipline in the Life of a Child

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Everyone has their opinion. I do not know the people in this video, but anyone can agree that there is a problem. In London, UK there is a noticeable decline in the number of men who are committed to the legendary family. Also, when it comes to respecting men, there is a remarkably cocky attitude in the majority of women there. Grievously, there is a ridiculous boost in domestic abuse and violent street crime. Most of the perpetrators of those crimes are young men. And they appear to be either frustrated with feminism or a feminist single mother raised them. Most. A large number of young people are stabbing each other to death in the streets in broad daylight. Many young men have walked away from civil service jobs. There are not enough police officers to respond.

A Father’s Discipline

Many fathers are noticeably absent from the home. London is one of the iconic cities in the world where feminism has wholly consumed the moral fabric of society. I’m not saying every single woman there is a feminist or that every feminist is incapable of raising well-mannered children. To me this is disappointing. As usual, some key people may disagree with me. Since my stone age views are irritating in this new world. Especially since the 1990s feels like they were a century ago. I also honestly believe that feminist men and women have the best intentions. They may be unaware of all the other factors that make their most radical ideas dangerous for a traditional society.


I separate radical feminism from women’s rights and equality. The reason for that is because I believe in equal opportunities, choice, and liberties for all people. I discard feminism because of the atmosphere it creates. The negative attention it accommodates rather than its ideals. And the fact that its claim to equality is biased against science also makes it difficult for me to understand it. The most reason why I repudiate radical feminism is that its negative impact on the traditional family is devastating for the family fabric of society. Basically, if a respected father was present in this situation, I am willing to bet that this kid (in the video) would have had his ass handed to him soon enough. Feminism eliminates fathers leaving mothers and their friends to play both the male and female role in the household. Some people can survive it, but others fall into severe trouble needing severe help along the way.*


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