The Art of Old School Courting & Dating

Agreeing to an actual date is extraordinary. Just because you went out with or met someone somewhere that does not make it a date. If it has a sense of romance, then it’s a pre-date at best. As the name suggests, a “date” is an organized experience. The man shows the woman what it’s like to be his wifey. He auditions for the hubby position. Your anniversaries may look like that and so may your birthdays and holidays. So pay attention. The critical thing to know is that there is a difference between going out casually to enjoy each other’s company and setting an actual date. Also, be aware that even though a date comes in different shapes and forms, you must structure it with some specific components.

Look at it this way. You have always wanted to be in a meaningful relationship. You may or may not be a feminist, but at this point, you want to fall in love with someone. Maybe you can start a family together, or perhaps you can move in and live synchronically. Who knows what the future holds? If this thing works out you will be spending a lot of time with this person. You will buy homes, cars, groceries, and all sorts of items with them. You may even bury them when they die. This is the real shit. You are in the running for a life mate, and this person has made the first step in that direction. This opportunity is not just to vet the next person with whom you will be having sex.

You do not want to mess it up by playing too hard to fall in love, lying your ass off, having an unappreciative attitude or not being prepared for how to be the right partner. Even if you are a woman, you should know what you must do to have a successful date. Often you will meet women who say they want to get married, but they don’t know anything about how to be a reliable wife. You will meet a man who wants to have unprotected sex on the first date but has no idea what it means to be a genuine father. Many people only romanticize the thought or feeling of being in a perfect relationship. They may be too proud or worry too much about gender equality rather than how or what they should do to make the family run smoothly. Some people have just never prepared themselves for a first date.

That is when the man shows you what it’s like to be his wifey. He is auditioning for the hubby position.”

Ladies, if you’re single and you plan to be a wifey you have to learn how to behave like a wifey. That means you know what to do when you are on a date. You know where to stand, where to walk, how to respond or speak and what to do on that particular night. Once that man rings your doorbell, it’s on. Your prince has arrived. Now it’s up to you to play your part like a dance partner. You tango with this guy and make it an excellent performance. He may look at your cleavage, he may glance at your butt, the man may hold your hand, he may pull a none existent lint out of your hair. Let him. Don’t call him a freak or a pervert for that. He greeted you at your front door with roses, didn’t he?

Remember to give him a big hug, and kiss him on his cheek. Look him in his eyes, compliment his outfit and walk on his left side. The symbolism for that is you want to free up his sword hand to protect you. I know, it’s 2019 he does not have a sword, and you have 911 on speed dial on your iPhone but try not to answer too many calls or text too much when you’re on this date. No Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram either. Now it’s time for you to lay your charm on this guy. You want to project your energy and your voice. You want to connect with your mind.

In the car, notice if he cleaned the ride. He may have entertainment ready, mostly music. Hopefully, it’s not something you don’t like. That’s the soundtrack of your trip to the spot. Enjoy it, but pay no mind, you want to start building your rapport. You want to start connecting with this fool. Lol. When you arrive, give him time to get out of the car and open your door. If he does not do that, and you’re on a date night, count it as a point against him. He’s fucking up the tango. Walk on his left again, but not too fast ahead where he has to run to catch up. Let him get the door. He might put his hand on your hip, let him. Hopefully, your perfume makes his heart dance.

I know, it’s 2019 he does not have a sword, and you have 911 on speed dial on your iPhone but try not to answer too many calls or text too much when you’re on this date.”

Once you’re seated, allow him to ask you to order first. When he does, agree and order. Take your time. He will wait. If it’s a date night, he should have already saved up some money, cleaned his ride, wore his best outfit and checked out the menu before he brought you there. He’s auditioning to be your hubby so be patient. Once the meal is over, he may offer to pay. Let him. If he does not provide, deduct another point from his game and pay for your portion. If he offers to pay, but you still want to throw down then offer to tip the waiter or waitress. He’s going to be nervous, telling bad jokes and asking simple questions. Be gracious and allow the man.

Hopefully, he’s not too high or drunk. When he’s enjoying the date, he won’t want it to end. He may ask to do something else, like hit the club, go for a walk, hit up a bar, etc. Decline and offer to go another time. Keep the focus on the night. When he drives you home, same deal, he’d get you out of the car, walk you to the front door and try to get a goodbye kiss. Men love rewards. So if the date was great, you might want to hit him with the French embrace of his life. Tongue him down and say goodnight.

When he leaves, wait for his call or text. He might call to thank you and set up the next hangout or date. After a few days, text him about your night together and if you wanna woohoo him, invite him to a picnic or a walk in the park with just you, no friend or sidekick present. You want your first date to be like the perfect tango. One that goes down in the books as one of your best nights. Ladies, don’t ask him what he does for a living; it makes you sound like an undercover gold digger or a hypergamist. If he’s got bank, you will find out soon enough. Fellas, don’t ask how many guys she’s screwed over. Makes you seem judgemental or insecure. The man should pay for the first date.

Once the meal is over, he may offer to pay. Let him. If he does not provide, deduct another point and pay for your portion. If he offers to pay, but you still want to throw down then offer to tip the waiter or waitress.”

As a guy, you want to get out of your seat, precisely the driver seat and then open her door to let her out. You walk slightly behind her but close enough to reach the front door and open it. (George Jefferson, opening credits). She should be on your left-hand side except if you were on the curb and the part away from the street is on your right. Once you’re seated, let her order first. You should have studied the menu and memorized your order before you picked her up at her crib. When she has ordered, then you let the waitress know what you would like to eat. Don’t drink too much, do not check out other women, and don’t check out the waitress. Look your date in her eyes when she speaks.

When the time is over, pay the bill even if she insists. If she still insists on paying after that, assume she’s not interested and tips the waitress the same amount as it would have cost you to pay for her drinks and meals. After eating, again she walks on your left-hand side, you open all doors, drive her home pleasantly and walk her to her front door. At her front door go for a goodnight kiss. Don’t grope. Tongue her down, say goodnight and drive off. When you get home, send a text saying you’ve reached back safely. Thank her for a great time and say good night.

If she doesn’t call or text you after three days, consider getting her from potential wifey status to friend or booty call. You do not invite every woman out on a date, only the one you plan to wife. Since you proposed to wife her, you must start it off on a high note. You are giving her a glimpse into what it is like to be your wifey. Remember, she has a right to reject, say no, pass or decline. Never, discuss any other man, who she has dated when you are with her on a date. Your goal is to create a good time. It’s your show homie, don’t let any other stars in it except for you and her. Of course, you dress to impress and behave like a king. You pamper yourself during the date as well.*


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