The Basic Understanding of Men & Women in the Manosphere

Depending on how you look at it, blogging is a very interesting hobby or job. I can only hope that you enjoy reading them as much as I like to write them because I’m publishing the last few topics before I close The Sandmann’s Journal. Do you agree that this was a long and inspiring adventure? This next blog is about the Manosphere. For a simple understanding, let’s consider it as an alpha male community. Women are traditional, feminine, cooperative, friendly, loyal, and supportive in this sphere. They are far from radical feminists. One will find like-minded people of all ages, races, professions, religious beliefs, and cultural orientations here. Our common denominator is our awakened consciousness of the world as it is and not as we prefer it to be.

The powers that be understands that whenever it provides information, at least 80% of the public accepts it. I would say that 60% obey their orders without hesitation.”

Disagree all you want but in the Manosphere we assume that the mainstream media, education, political and judicial systems, as well as large corporations and even the entertainment industry, force-feed the population with the ideals of radical feminism. As heterosexual and traditional people, we have created a global community outside of the mainstream arrangement. We have adapted our thinking and behavior to the truth. The goal is not to fight the system. We recognize that we cannot change that. I believe that the hope is to be saved together with those who are ready to maintain the traditional order of life. Are you a free thinker? Know that the mainstream system intends to impose mandatory enemas of radical feminism on everyone.

Yes, you heard me right. Expect to start hearing more about the Manosphere. If the information comes from a radical feminist or the mainstream system, you will hear morose name-calling like toxic masculinity, misogyny, anti-women, or even hate speech. They believe that this is true, while they expect everyone to take their words into account. The powers that be understands that whenever it provides information, at least 80% of the public accepts it. I would say that 60% obey their orders without hesitation. For example, they associate all women with feminism. To do this, they ignore any woman who does not identify as a feminist. That is why when the mainstream system uses a phrase like “anti-women” they ignore every woman in the Manosphere.

Mention terms such as divorce rape or misandry and watch the system foam. The Manosphere is not just about the sexual interaction between men and women. Romantic relationships are the most remedial of the sphere. Manosphere is about improving morale, finances, and the community. It concerns good education, standards, health, spirituality, environment, fashion, intelligence, etc. Radical feminism is prevalent in schools, certain religious institutions, governments, litigation, economics, companies, or the entertainment industry, due to force. People choose the Manospheric way of life, willingly. For both men and women, this lifestyle means self-improvement and traditional expectations. It also means the survival of one’s legacy. 

The Manosphere is a huge space that is growing very fast. Many feminists have turned to its divine revelation. The mainstream media and the mainstream system can no longer ignore.

For example, Manospheric women are old school. They strive to be feminine, cooperative, loyal, friendly, nurturing, and supportive. Manosphere men are hardworking, dedicated, providers, protectors, and undisputed leaders of their household. However, he is also not an abuser. We describe the decision to live this lifestyle as taking the proverbial red pill. There is also a blue pill. We believe, from birth, modern society powerfully supplies everyone with the blue pill. Some people are natural alpha. In general, one has to find the red pill and lose the mind, body, and spirit of the blue pill. As one moves forward, one gets a daily dose of the red pill. The proverbial red and blue pill essentially refers to the type of information one believes and acts on.

The blue pill represents modern mentalities, while the red pill leads the traditional reasoning. Manospheric people live a traditional way of life in the modern world. We bring and keep families together, respect fathers, as we reconnect the community. As traditionalists, these men and women uphold dignified values. One source cites “freedom, faith, integrity, good education, personal responsibility, a strong work ethic and the value of selflessness” as good morals. We become role models when we take the red pill. You appreciate what matters in life. One organizes a friendly community consisting of traditional two-parent households where they maintain their ancestral custom. And pass on their sacred beliefs from generation to generation.

We describe the decision to live this lifestyle as taking the proverbial Red pill. There is also a Blue pill. We believe, from birth, modern society force-feeds everyone with the blue pill.”

wrote, “tradition enables us to highlight the principles of our founding fathers, to celebrate diversity, and to unite as a country.” The first thing a man or woman does when they take the red pill is to set out on their life’s purpose. In a romantic setting, one embraces gender roles. As you do your homework for the family, the community, and the world, you become selfless. You also pursue a good education as well as a prosperous career. The misconception is that the Menospheric woman is a conventional stay-at-home partner. Only people with a modernized mindset believe this. When people use the blue pill, they perceive a feminine and cooperative woman as vulnerable. You have another perspective when you take the red pill.

It’s not an abuse for a woman to be feminine and cooperative with her partner. Women who take the red pill are teammates. They understand the greater good of their family and community. That’s why they go willingly. Currently, many relationships do not last long. Due to selfishness and relationship problems, a parent often moves away after starting a family. There are statistics in which most relationships end. People bear and raise a large number of children in single-parent homes. Fathers and husbands are noticeably absent from households. Single parents also have an unhealthy dependence on the government. Avoiding male dominance in households has been combined with a growing number of independent women. The impact is overwhelming.

The mainstream system aches to keep the Manosphere from gaining traction in the mainstream. Nonetheless, you know toxicity, hate speech, or misogyny exists in every community.”

A radical feminist could define an alpha husband as toxic or a feminine and cooperative wife as helpless. There is at least a ratio of four women to one man. Why does our society establish women as a target of sexual relations? However, when a heterosexual man assumes the role of a consistent leader, his wife could complain or leave the relationship. When the man in question adjusts his behavior to match the ratio of four women to one man that puts him in high demand, society accuses him of blaming women for the foregoing dilemmas. That’s why people who take the red pill often ignore any criticism. The feminist machine names everything. A man or a woman pursues their career to build the kind of wealth that allows them to raise a happy family.

The purpose of a romantic relationship is not to achieve physical pleasure. It’s to get married and start a family. Every partner must do what is necessary for the survival of their bloodline. Your relationship is the beginning of a family and that family is a product of society. It is the most valuable resource in the community because it produces the next generation of citizens. In the Manosphere, one is devoted to the family, community, and country. The Manosphere is a huge space that is growing very fast. Many feminists have turned to its divine revelation. The mainstream media and the mainstream system can no longer ignore. Since they are pro-feminists, expect a vicious attempt to tarnish the image of the Manosphere. Or sabotage its development.

Feminists will spew words such as toxic, hate speech, or misogyny. The mainstream system aches to keep the Manosphere from gaining traction in the mainstream. Nevertheless, you are informed. You know that toxicity, hate speech, or misogyny exists in every community. In fact, there is toxicity, hate speech, and misandry in feminism. The only difference is that the mainstream system favors it. This is probably one of the reasons why many people do not agree with the blue pill mentality. The Manosphere is no different in this respect, unlike for feminism or the blue pill, you choose to be in the Manosphere. Therefore, there are all kinds of men in this circle. Some are good and some are not so nice. The progressive, liberal, moderate, and hardline.

They use sentences such as “male-dominated” when describing a field, sphere, or infrastructure that men have created and maintained. The modern feminist’s interest is to get involved in the power structure men created by using reversed gender discrimination and guilt. 

I rate progressive guys as relaxed. They have a career and often live alone, choosing a low level of commitment while making only occasional acquaintances with the opposite sex. Liberals engage the opposite sex but do not have control over their careers. Some are married men raising traditional families. Single liberals are on their purpose. Moderates are like liberals in less committed relationships. There is no moving in or marriage. Hardliners are your pick-up artists, men’s rights activists, and men who go their own way, to name a few. In the Manosphere, everyone takes the red pill. Taking the red pill means that one informs oneself in the modern state of reality as a heterosexual man or woman in the 21st century. The goal is to survive egalitarianism.

Today, a man in the Manosphere is someone who is financially literate. He creates his own movement, stays healthy and fit, and focuses on his family. We believe that modern feminism has characterized innate masculinity as misogyny. They criticize everything related to the instinct of a heterosexual man, his protective power, his supervision, his dominant character, or his sexual impulse. The feminist society wants heterosexuals to assume they want equality as abused victims. In reality, they are privileged women seeking to control what men have created. The feminist movement has named the patriarchy as its biggest adversary when the word patriarch means father. Feminism has also entered every seat of power in every pillar of society.

This does not deny the fact that some women experience gender inequality. Many other groups, for example, Blacks and Gays, also have real concerns to deal with. However, for feminism to flourish, it must redefine or destroy all pre-existing socio-psychological structures. They use phrases such as “male dominance” when describing a field, or infrastructure that men have created and maintained. The interest of the modern feminist is to get involved in the power structure created by men and use guilt to reverse their perceived gender discrimination. Should we kill our fathers, brothers, or sons? No way. If you are a heterosexual person who has adopted a traditional way of life, there is a good chance that you will provoke a radical feminist to rise against you.

When we do not choose what feminists approve of, their freedom of choice robs us of our sovereignty. As a result, there are many angry, disgruntled, or unhappy men. However, not everyone in the Manosphere is angry or disappointed with the politicization of feminism or its global domination. There are phylogenetic conditions for Caucasians and Blacks. Young and ambitious white men feel undervalued as every minority group condemns them for their legacy. Besides, numerous white women embrace feminism, robbing white men of their families. There is also an influx of immigrants. Africans or Blacks, on the other hand, experience a different type of oppression that focuses on racism, discrimination, police brutality, and economic alienation.

These problems are exacerbated by the rise and impact of radical feminism. In some scenarios, it is almost impossible to tell if the mainstream media is delusional. It’s like the weather reporter who predicted rain but was not found. What do you know? The word feminism is a dirty word on the street. I have met many women who do not identify. On the other hand, words like “pick up artist,” “men who go their own way,” “incels” or “men’s rights activists” are dirty words in the corporate environment. If you are in the Manosphere, you are trying to interpret this paradox. Examining this condition through an unfiltered lens is what we refer to as the red pill. I know I repeated a lot but in the Manosphere, men adapt to reality and women abandon feminism.*

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