The Black Man

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Racists do not realize how ignorant they are. They victimize others by keeping annals against the victim’s situation. Racists have no remorse for the horrendous crimes their race has committed against the Aborigines, Africans, Arabs, Asians or the Indian people. And they cling to the idea that those whom they berate are deserving of it. They blame their scapegoat for his or her situation. Like a pedophile would mock their rape victim for depending on them for food or water.

With Blacks, the racist does not characterize us by our true heritage.
They go by the disenfranchisement of our people.

When you call out a racist for their reasoning, they react by calling you a bigot. You should never put the mirror in their face and get them to reflect on the ugliness of their attitude even when they continue to estimate others by color. With Blacks, the racist does not characterize us by our real heritage. They go by the disenfranchisement of our people. Is he the underprivileged African, Afro-European, African-American, Mixed-raced, or Caribbean? They justify predetermined stereotypes by the many strifes of those people. What they fail to realize, is that those people’s strains are a direct outcome of the particular ruthlessness that they exercised over those people. Or what their ancestors did to the ancestors of those people.

I always encounter the reaction of individuals who do not think they are bigots. And those who do not pretend that they are not prejudiced. When they see me, a black man who speaks against prejudice with confidence. They get confused about how come I do not recognize their race as superior to mine? I reject the notion even though I to immigrated to a predominantly discriminatory country. They want me to be grateful for the opportunity to live in their country. And they view where I came from as an inferior place to their own.  The bigots I encounter often squirm like a worm topped with salt when they experience my pride. Sorry bastard, I was looking for you to shine my shoes. Oops! Surprise! This bastard is not a shoe shine boy.

We are looking for opportunities to regain our wealth which the so-called missionaries, explorers and slave traders took away from our people and our homelands.”

I remember living in Dunellen, New Jersey where racists told me, “wow, times have changed!” Some said, “back in the day we didn’t rent apartments to people like you.” The racists I met there seemed to be proud of how severely they wronged black people in the past. They frequently sounded like they missed the good old days. Yes, I am in solidarity with Blacks who are still suffering. Because of Arab, European and American exploitation, many have nothing to live on in Africa. The racist does not realize that their ancestors decided to take advantage of the hospitality of our ancestors. And this is how come they had the opportunity to pillage, rape, enslave and berate people who are not of European descent.


What does anyone expect? Your ancestors stole the gold, diamonds, intellectual property, and even the genes of other people. How can immigrants be beneath you? Yes, you have politicians who can run to their parliament and make any law they want. You have governments that can deploy a powerful military in any part of the world. Yes, your country can build or destroy whatever little society that is thriving elsewhere. So guess what? Your status comes from the wealth that your ancestors stole from the relatives of many of those immigrants. That’s why they are beginning to live in your country.

I encourage any immigrant who uses what genius he or she has to get into Europe, America, or Australia and work for a decent living. At least they are not there to pillage or exploit the wealth as European and American ancestors did. This predicament that we as black people have and continue to endure is, in fact, unjust. We are looking for opportunities to regain our wealth which the so-called missionaries, explorers and slave traders took away from our people and our homelands. Some of us will steal or pimp it back, and some will work for it. History has shown that you would do the same. So why play by your rules if you’ve rigged them against us? Many of us do not see any race as our superior! We leave a racist to wallow in his or her ignorance.


Even though I only lived in Sierra Leone for five years, I have never been too bashful to declare it as my motherland. My grandparents, parents and myself were born there. We carry the Loko and Mandingo tribal bloodline. Many of my relatives are also Mande and Temne speaking people. Nevertheless, I am also a very patriotic American and Canadian citizen. Some people prefer to hear what they want to hear as opposed to listening to what someone says. ALL Blacks are African! We have various accents, second nationalities, cultural upbringings, characters, financial statuses or level of education. But that has nothing to do with heritage! So in this regard, I am incredibly grateful to be an African-American man who knows his roots.

I have been there, could speak a dialect or two and know about the music, cuisine, and culture! The shock to you is that there are millions of Blacks like me. That is another reason why a bigoted racist’s classification of beliefs, culture, nature and so on, only goes to strengthen the ignorance embedded in that line of thinking. Being African is one of the best heritage to have. We are proud black people! Because of the effects that exist as a result of the European and American exploitation of Africa, we are now multinationals. Your country is our country, bastard! That gold, diamond, ivory, rutile, spring water, etc. It’s ours! However, here’s my attempt to inform you about the different kinds of black people.*

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