The Christian Witch – Pt. 3

A fool will conclude that Wilfred has said: “don’t pray for anyone.” An idiot will report that Fred has classified all Christians as witches. When they do that, be sure to correct them. Make sure you say, “No! Freddy said do not pray for changes to occur in someone’s life without asking the person if they want those changes. Never ascertain that the person needs the unwanted change in their life.” Tell the truth twister that I said the intent of the person who is praying and the one they pray for should be in sync if they plan to observe good religious ethics.

Why did I say that? Because in my studies I’ve learned that different people have different spiritual capabilities which they may use for a cynical purpose. Hence, I’ve also said witchcraft is not always evil. Except, based on the intent of the person, even a religious working can be harmful. I’m fully aware of the scripture’s strict prohibition of witchcraft, sorcery and consorting with none heavenly spirits. The Abrahamic scripture even warns against talking to the dead. Scripture encourages us to follow our organic path as it is. This chapter is not about what the scripture has commanded.

You should take charge of your free will and prevent an evil spiritualist from corrupting your destiny. You may ask me how someone can take restrain your future? My answer to that is, you have authority over your eventuality. You exist in your path of fortune, overlooking that there are spiritual entities such as gods, angels, demons, genes and spirits that can impact your experience. Those pursuits that they affect in essence can manifest specific results in your physical realm. That means, had those entities not done anything, your experience would remain constant. Since they did, they influenced your experience.

For example, imagine you were walking to the shop down the street from your home. And no one held you back or suggested that you try another shop. Then imagine the same scenario, only this time you met a friend along the way. That sympathizer entertained you with a new objective. Or better yet, you can fabricate a scenario where you ran into an antagonist. This person attacked you along the byway and hindered your attempt to reach the shop. You will find that in each one of these scenarios, your experience becomes different from your initial intent which is to go to the shop.

The critical point in this example is that you have the dynamism to circumscribe if you reach the shop or not. In fact, the gods, angels, demons, genes or spirits do not have the divine authority to interfere with your destiny. You have a free will that gives you a right to chose what you want. You could say no when that friend tries to influence you to assay a different shop. Or you could avoid the attack of the foe by calling for aid. When you put this scenario in a spiritual term, you will find that you the gods, angels, demons, genes or spirits need your approval. They go about their circumstances performing only the functions that someone has summoned them to act.

They are spiritual helpers who work good and bad deeds based on the intent of the magician who has asked them. That magician can be your pastor, Imam, Rabbi, church member or a witch. However, if you are aware of their plot, you can say yes or no. The spirits must respect your desire because you have the final say. They cannot ignore your divine will unless it infringes on another person’s holy will. Sadly, if you are unaware of this someone can coax you to surrender you will. They can use fear, guilt, rewards, promises or deception to make you say yes.

A black witch can disobey the ethics of divine anonymity by placing a hex, curse, blessing or binding on you. That act can come in the form of a spell, a ritual or a pray, depending on the sorcery or magician.  Yes, your juju or voodoo priest or priestess is a magician. Your faith-based pastor, rabbi or Imam who prays for miracles to occur is also a magician. The witch in your church is also a magician. No, the holy ghost is not going to burn them in any fire.

They come to the church, hold a cross and swim in a pool of holy water and still perform their magic without any immediate retribution from the divine. Will there be a backsplash from them altering your destiny without your permission? You bet you ass there is, but some of these people find ways to wipe the splash off and keep going.

Astral Projection

One of the primary ways most magicians access your destiny is through astral projection. Words and intent have power. That is what spells are. Your marriage vow is a spell. Some bible verses are a spell. Your nursery rhyme is a spell. Anything that can be uttered with intent is a potential spell. Rituals are ceremonies. Request prayers are a form of begging, but they can also be mighty when the person astral projects. What’s even more to the fact is when they cast the spell in the astral realm. It’s ten times more potent than when you pray in the physical domain. The reason for that is in that realm they have direct access to every spiritual entity.

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When this fool tells you that, give him or her a big slap across the face and say “no, Freddy said do not pray for someone without first asking them if indeed they want what you are going to pray for.”

What is the physical realm? The natural range is the one in which we currently exist. You and I are born into it. We live in it, eat, sleep, play, party, go to school, go to church or carry out all our physical avocations in it. Until the day we die, we breathe in it. It is one of atoms, gas, mass, gravity, matter, and density. It is us in our physical form.

What is the astral realm? The astral realm is a spiritual world. It is purgatory, the waiting place where every spirit resides as they wait to ascend into the higher planes. We live in it also. That is where souls exist. When you dream your soul leaves your body for a period of time to roam in the astral. The astral world is a timeless, weightless, or matter less. Angels, demons, genes, gods, or spiritual entities inhabit and roam in that world. Everyone goes there after death on earth to await their fate in eternity.

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The Spiritual World

The astral world is not an evil place. Witchcraft can access this world at will. Religions have discouraged us from visiting the astral plane while we live. However, I have read Abrahamic scriptures that appeared to suggest that many prophets made astral projection. Any person who enters the astral whether as a witch or a religious person has the potential to use it for good or evil. Seeing and communicating with souls, spirits, angels or demons is not an evil gift. Wat one does is what makes them good or evil.

However, it is necessary to be aware that such people with such spiritual gifts do exist in the Church. When once they decide to use their gift against your free will they, in fact, can alter your natural cause of fate. Some people can enter the astral world while they are awake in the physical. Some go into a room, lay down and literally project into the astral realm where they can roam and perform good or evil deeds that could take effect in the physical. Actions are boundless there. The only catch is no one is permitted to violate another person’s free will. That is why I have said be careful who you give consent to pray for you. Beware of someone’s quiet prayer over your dealing. *

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