Most Feminists Bully other Feminists Who Seek Equality for Men

If you’ve not been living in a cave, then you’ve probably witnessed or attended a feminist protest. Lately, radical womanists have been working extra hard to get the Men’s Rights activist silenced for good. Millions of Western women have even shamed away from homemaking in a traditional setting. The system force-feeds Western women with a constant dose of gender none sense. It is as if to prevent the average family from happening. You would have to be a feminist to disagree if I said the movement had become a bigoted hate group that calls for an end to the identifying traditional, religious and cultural essence of men.

What’s even more interesting is their recognition that the best way to get away with double standard and bigotry is to take over the politics. Or maybe the media, entertainment and the educational system. With these areas control by a feminist mindset, it is easy for Western feminism to reject men’s rights and debunks all men’s issues of equality. It is biased and self-centered. Then I looked at African feminism and saw that it is not the same as the new wave in the west.

Caught Between Extremes

In reading the reports on feminism in Africa, I found that they are now asking for what second-wave feminists have already achieved in the West. Equal opportunity, leadership roles, financial independence, etc. I began to see a difference between the radical and toxic feminist movement that has allied itself with the media, entertainment, and educational systems in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe and the level-headed call for gender equality in Africa. The obvious point is the slippery slope that lies ahead.

Since the Western feminists have lost their traditional environment, they cannot fully appreciate the importance of African tradition. Many western feminists are also philanthropists and educators which gives them unprecedented access to women in poorer countries. Those women may disagree with feminism if they knew the full story, which it’s anti-religion, anti-tradition, and biased against males but they do not understand the whole nature of western feminism. They are attracted to the idea of gender equality.

They don’t know that many western philanthropists today are also atheists. Some are witches, and very few are none practicing Christians or moderate Muslims. More than likely, the one presenting at a Women’s Liberation Conference in Johannesburg or Abuja is probably the witch or the atheist. Don’t get me wrong, many African women are also witches, but the number of hardcore female African atheists is meager. The more substantial amount of African feminists believe in God and the creation story in the Bible and Koran. The majority of Western feminists believe in evolution.

Different Types of Feminists

Based on the region where a feminist comes from, are there different types of feminists? Those who believe God created Adam and Eve and who want men’s rights issues we need to resolve? And those who believe in evolution? The atheist who finds God and religions are human-made ploys to control the masses? Feminism not only ignores history, biology and statistics, it also avoids cultures and traditions often depicting ancestors as patrician fanatics who manipulated the world on behalf of men. As a result, classical music, films, literature, and other forms of art they now have seen as misogynistic materials.*

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