Was Eve the First Feminist

The government separated the Church from the State almost twenty years ago. By stating that I am implying that in 2019, it is possible that you or I will meet millions of people who do not recognize the biblical version of the creation story. Today’s youth may be bred to embrace Charles Darwin’s evolution theory. There are remnants of the followers of the Bible who cling to the two-thousand-plus-year-old Abrahamic mentality of monotheism. We see a surge in the idea that the “white Jesus” is a hoax put on by slave masters or white supremacists. We have also observed a dramatic fall in the influence of the Catholic Church. The mainstream media has ensured that the public adores priests more as pedophiles than as holy men of God.

Today’s youth may be bred to embrace Charles Darwin’s evolution theory.”

Modern systems have reduced the Bible to just another book. Many consider that it was written by misogynistic men who used it to implement what some now fear as the patriarchy. I will add that this blog is in the context of the original creation story and the affirmation of today’s female rebellion against that sort of an establishment. We have all witnessed feminism long enough to know what its primary characteristics are: female victimization, feminine sabotage of orders that perpetuate their perceived victimization, and the emergence of matriarchy to replace the masculine status.

As such, nothing is unique to a feminist. Not God, nor Satan, nor tradition, nor the firstborn son, nor the provisions and protections of men, nor establishment, nor art. With Eve, we have the story of a lonely man named Adam. This man needed a companion urgently and his creator, God, [also a male], created a woman for him. It is also necessary to the point that prophet Moses [another man] wrote the book of Genesis. God based Eve’s purpose on Adam’s need to 1) have a helper, 2) cure his loneliness, and 3) reproduce his seed. Eve may have been the first feminist because, as we know, the main antagonist in the mind of a feminist is the patriarchy (which is another word for the father).

In this version of the creation story, we have three patriarchs at stake. God the creator, Adam, the first man, and king of all the created, and Moses, the narrator of the story. However, the story describes Eve, the queen of all the created, as a wo-man or the “weaker sex.” The common denominator for every case of feminism is victimization. Every woman who identifies herself as a feminist believes that the establishment has marginalized her. The recourse for her is to replace that establishment or sabotage its order. Most establishments are overwhelmingly powerful. Women often rely on subtle betrayals of the rules and protocol to nullify specific statutes that could cause a domino effect in the eventual collapse of the system.

Knowing what we know now, women have a deep resentment about being a pushover in the patriarchal establishment. It must be fair to ask if Eve was unhappy with her gender role in the Garden of Eden. The story of creation narrates the divine majesty of this almighty God who created everything, including humankind, in only seven days. This God is so great that we must bow before Him. We must never question but appreciate all He has done for us. History defines God as someone who is full of love. We are His children that He created in his image and likeness. And He is our “heavenly father.” Also, this almighty God has a villainous enemy that is Satan and a weakness that is – sin.

Eve’s said purpose and creation were based on Adam’s need to 1) have a partner, 2) have an assistant, and 3) reproduce the seed of Adam.”

He [God] is exceptionally subjective in that the only way to irritate Him is by doing the unthinkable. That is to disobey his mandate. Consequently, Adam and Moses are amazed at the beauty of the Garden of Eden. They worshiped God and glorified Him for His incredible power and His magnificent creations. Eve, on the other hand, had to have been unhappy. She may have felt as though she should be a person of her own. In the Garden of Eden, she was just a companion, there to facilitate Adam’s needs. Why did God not take the time to create her from scratch?

The Bible says, God pulled a rib from Adam and used it to produce Eve. Are you surprised that feminists today reject the whole story of creation for one in which humans come from apes? Feminists would prefer that we evolved from apes instead of a male God creating them as a man’s help mate! Satan is another brilliant and cunning Being. He is as ambitious as God. He may have noticed Eve’s dissatisfaction with God’s patriarchal order. Satan approached Eve by taking advantage of her victimhood that must have already existed in her mind. He must have assured Eve that her doubts are reasonable. She should disobey the Almighty. She should ruin the order of His precious creation and destroy His sacred Garden of Eden.

Eve, on the other hand, was secretly unhappy with all that order. She did not feel as though she was a person of her own.”

Eve did not eat that apple by mistake. She knew from the beginning that she was going to ruin the Garden of Eden. Eve simply needed the courage to begin, and that courage is what Satan gave her. Satan gave her what she wanted, which was equality. By disobeying God, Eve made a statement. She said: I do not care how powerful you are, how bright you are, how great your precious creations are or what you can do with all your powers, you do not deserve my obedience. The Garden of Eden was not as important to Eve as her desire to free herself from her subjection to God and Adam.

Perhaps God recognized Adam’s inability to realize Eve’s profound disdain for His order. That must be the reason why God did not forgive them. They had to leave because Eve was ready to challenge God Himself. She was prepared to join any ally she could find to help her destroy all that God had created, as long as she remained a subject in His system. Therefore, Eve was the first feminist. She was the first woman to disobey a patriarchial establishment that led to the collapse of a system.*

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