The Jeremy Kyle Show Is Far More Respectful Than The Maury Show

The Jeremy Kyle show is about respect and responsibility. It promotes human decency and accountability. The Maury Show is about the man shaming. It subliminally promotes “man hatred” and disrespect for men. That program plays right into the father alienating government assistance agenda for women and single mothers. One might find Jeremy Kyle boring from a North American perspective. According to the actions promoted in modern North American media and television, the majority of programs are aligned with the social engineering and disinformation of the masses. How ironic is it when a television program promotes an ism agenda?

If you notice, in Jeremy Kyle’s Show, men and women are treated according to the deed that they have done. Not by the gender stereotype of the person. If a man has lied, cheated, been abusive or disrespectful to a woman, that man is held responsible for his actions. Likewise, if a woman behaves irresponsibly, manipulates or deceives a man, she is also held responsible for her actions.

This is the right way to handle any situations. The Maury Show makes fun of fathers, discredits their stories and rejects them. Even when they are found to tell the truth. In the meantime, it embraces and covers women in the program, taking on responsibilities to assist those women who have offended their partner or caused the destruction of their home. Many of the women are selfish enemies of man shedding false tears and Maury enables them instead of using his show to promote fairness.*

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