The other version of the story (which we all accept) states that Jesus died on the cross. It insinuates that because Jesus was telling the truth. He is Yahweh’s son! This is why when his life ended, there was an earthquake. The sky became gray, the curtain that separated the sacred and historical Ark of the Covenant in the Jewish temple split in half.

This version of the story continues with a previously irrelevant rabbi who decided to bury Jesus in a prestigious tomb. As Jesus lay dead, nobody stole his body from the heavily guarded tomb, and his name did not remain tarnished as the false prophet who could not save himself. Instead, his spirit went to hell, defeated Satan, he rose from the dead three days later, showed himself to his followers, rekindled their faith in HIM and floated up to heaven to rejoin and sit on the right-hand side of Yahweh, Abraham’s God.

The problem with this second version is 1. No one but the disciples saw the risen Christ. 2. No one comes back from the dead. 3. If Jesus defeated Satan when he “went to hell,” then why are Christians still at war with Satan? 4. From our knowledge of space exploration, we know now that the lack of gravity and the condensed air pressure makes it impossible for humans to go to space without a protective suit. Keep in mind that Jesus was the risen body of the dead guy who was crucified.


Nevertheless, Christians believe that Jesus will someday appear in the sky accompanied by thousands of angels. Remember, angels are spiritual beings, only the spiritually gifted can see them. For them to appear physically there has to be a scientific explanation. Of course, the accepted Christian theory is of the teachings, death, and the return of Jesus Christ. Afterall, he performed miracles while claiming to be Yahweh’s real son. He has risen from the dead and floated up to heaven promising to return in the same manner.

The story becomes strange because the Christians do not only see Jesus as the real son of Yahweh, they have declared him as God! Meaning Jesus Christ is Yahweh. Mind you; we’re still talking about Abraham’s God in Judaism. The same God who Enoch, Noah, and Moses followed. The one who all the prophets in the Masoretic Text, the Septuagint, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Torah, and the Old Testament of the Bible had revealed as the Almighty God of Gods.

Contradiction: Even though the prophets describe Yahweh as a being that does not come from an origin, he’s now said to have a son but without marrying a female counterpart or having sex?

Then there is a mysterious Holy Spirit who Jesus added to the mix, but no gender or name is attached to this spirit. Having heard the two versions of the life and death of Jesus Christ, let’s take a common sense approach to everything. What can common sense write off? Jesus is a miracle working carpenter. He was a rabbi in the making. He spent some time in Egypt, a place well known for magic and the knowledge of the occult.


Then let’s look at Abraham’s God, Yahweh, with the same common sense. He wrote the ten commandments in which commandment #1 is, “thou shalt have NO OTHER Gods before me.” So, here we have Jesus’ father acknowledging that there are other Gods? Okay, now let’s look at the other people who worshiped a different God than that of Abraham. We find that the ancient Scripture names some of those other Gods.

Going by the record and our commons sense we can conclude with 100% certainty that, 1. Abraham’s God, the one in Judaism and Christianity is NOT the only God. 2. If Jesus is the real son of Yahweh, then he was born twice. 3. If he was born twice, then he has two mothers 4. If Yahweh does not require sex to reproduce his children that does not mean Mary and Jesus’s original mother are not two of Yahweh’s wives or concubines or whatever. 5. Many questions are surrounding the truth of whether or not Jesus is Yahweh himself or Yahweh’s only begotten son but none at all if Jesus is simply another man who preached a religious theory. I cannot dismiss all of these questions with the notion of faith.

According to Biblical Archaeology, the Bible came from the Masoretic Text and the Septuagint. This original Bible was written in Syria. For centuries, religious scholars had pondered Jesus’ legacy and wondered if it’s real or exaggerated. From what we know from the original Bible, the Syriac Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls, Christianity began in the Middle East.

In fact, Christians used to dress like traditional Jews, and Muslims do today. Guess what? The scriptures were not in English either, and many of them are songs. However, Christianity stood out for one primary reason. The unscientific and unnatural resurrection of Jesus Christ. And to add more to this, Abraham’s God now had two new helpers that the pioneering prophets did not mention. Namely Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

And then there is a prophecy of another unscientific and unnatural return of Jesus Christ to save a few righteous people and destroy the rest of this earth, as well as the current humanity. Insinuating that since Yahweh created the universe, he has the right to kill it. If you can ignore the slavery, polygamy, incest and justified murder in this line of doctrine, you will have to notice the image of a White Jesus emerging over time. So with certain versions of Christianity, you find that everything made sense until after Jesus and then the story starts to change.*


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