I believe when it comes to religion, people must accept the common sense factor before accepting the supernatural theory. We know that Judaism made the idea of monotheism familiar. So that’s where I started my investigation. Straight away, I discovered that their scholars did not write the Torah in English. Those Scriptures are also in a melodic format which means many of their prophets were also musicians. And, Gods are separate from people (which is why we worship them).

The Tanakh addressed “Yahweh)” or “Jehovah” as the “Almighty.” But not as the only God. He is one of many Gods hence why they branded him as almighty. This theory makes a lot of common sense because now we have a species of spiritual beings who we classify as Gods. The Torah and the Old Testament of the Bible are closely similar. Both of them show a God who created a perfect world. And then promised a Messiah to try and redeem it from the wickedness that overcame it.

Contradiction: Why blame Satan for the ills in the world when it’s humans and God who the prophets gave evidence of destroying it? Shouldn’t our free will be credited as the legitimate reason for the action we take?

The New Testament of the Bible continues from where the Torah and the Old Testament of the Bible ends. In it, we see Jesus as a carpenter, but also a young rabbi. At the age of 33, he gave up carpentry and began preaching and performing miracles. Even so, almost everyone worshiped the God of Abraham. Jesus’ new doctrine was revising the old theory. He related himself to Yahweh, Abraham’s God and declared to have a prior conscious existence in heaven as Yahweh’s Son.

This statement was significant because no one (not Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, Ester, Deborah, Kings David or Solomon, Isiah, Jeremiah etc) before him had mentioned that Abraham’s God had a son. Calling himself a child of that particular God, and then implying that he has the authority to break existing rules set in place by the preceding prophets led some of the people to term him as a liar.

The people began to see Jesus as a sacrilege. And yet the law protected him. His new doctrine spreads so quickly, they conspired to kill him. The conspiracy to set Jesus up and kill him is where his story becomes rare. One version of the story states that Jesus’ mother had some connections and called in a favor to save his life. (Common sense says this is something a typical mother would do). According to this narrative, to save his already condemned life, they caught up with him while he was on the cross.

A soldier who was part of the plan to save Jesus’ life, gave him some knockout drink in place of water. When the effects of this substance entered into force, Jesus became unconscious. They assumed Jesus was dead, and removed him from the cross. But many other criminals had faked their death at crucifixions before. The Romans had developed a policy which was to break the legs of the crucified.

In this story, Mary’s co-conspirators knew Jesus was not dead. They pleaded with the other soldiers so that they would not break Jesus’ legs. A stubborn Roman soldier decided to pierced Jesus’ side with his spear to ascertain his death before his body could be released.

This story explains that after the unconscious Jesus was removed from the cross, his mother and her co-conspirators smuggled him away where he recovered from his wounds, married a wife, had children and went on to live a quiet life away from any more teachings of God. However, his disciples and the rest of the others, believing Jesus had died, carried on with his ill-fated movement.*



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