It’s easy to read my post and conclude that I’m too hard on these thots. Like I’m not saying we should go big up the guys who are apparently in the wrong. That is not what I’m saying. What I mean is if you booed and mocked the man considering he’s a deadbeat when the truth “sets him free” you also must admit you are wrong and apologize. I don’t think the crowd should boo anyone, but if they’re going to boo, then it can’t be misleading. Boo the one who did wrong not the one who belongs to a gender where it’s okay.

Biased Against Men

If you’re a guy on the Maury show and they call your name, but nobody booed you. RUN! They’re about to tell you how your girl fucked you over. They clap for you when you’re about to be had. They boo you when you’re attaining. This woman cheated with over 100 men including her man’s friend. She had three abortions because she didn’t know the father. And she believes she’s pregnant now but does not know for sure who is the dad. When the bf says it’s over, they’re all telling him to stay. They want him to forgive and continue being her sucker. The cheater in a show that disgraces cheaters is being protected and cuddled because she’s female.

They are not looking for the truth; it’s about social engineering to make men look like ass holes. This guy is a great young man. He is hurt, he needs support, he needs to be protected instead they want to tie him to the liar. Would they do the same if we reverse the roles? If we reverse roles, they would advise the woman to leave the man no matter what. And they will provide support to cover the loss of the man’s input in their relationship. And then they will go after his income and try to keep other women from dating him. The same would be seen as cruel if done to her.*

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