The Maury Show Is Clear Evidence of Male Bias In America

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Wanna know why I hate this show? I think it’s sole purpose is to engineer slander, hatred and disrespect socially against men. If you observed, every time, the guy gets booed before he even speaks. His attempt to date what he thinks is an honest woman is mocked. It is automatically insinuated that he is a dead beat. Even his sister (someone who appears to have been brainwashed with feminism and does not realize it), sided with the woman before knowing the truth. The man walks in with NO support.

When it turns out that he is right, the woman who lied, deceived and tried to con everyone is left to leave without making an apology. Maury does not clear the guys name and set the record straight to the public.

This woman has dragged 16 men on national TV. She has a big problem, she tried to trap someone who was not ready to be a father. This is to get a cheap home with loads of free shit from the govt. Only, she don’t know who the sucker is, and is losing child support money. She goes on Maury (another free program) to find the sucker who she has trapped and needs to exploit. But each man she swears is the sucker, turns out not to be.

Each time she’s proven wrong, she runs and cries, and everyone comes to console her. She’s the devil in this story, being passed off as an angel. But the guys who came telling the truth are booed, mocked and dismissed when their truth comes to light. This is the equality that most western women want and it is this same ideology that they want to spread in other countries (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Africa, India, China etc.). They come bearing gifts and then indoctrinate. This show is a complete freak show.

They will say, “oh let the women drive,” they let them drive. Then they say, “well, let them drink.” They start drinking. Then they say, “okay, let them date” (there goes all the virgins). They start dating. Then they’ll say, “oh, we are all equal, Allah can’t tell us what to do.” The virgins who started driving, drinking, smoking, fucking and dumping men will soon be baby mothers with absent fathers. Then the govt has to step in and spend money on them. Before you know it. there will be gay Imams and women will no longer cover themselves, instead they will be strippers in the new strip club that was built next to the Church. And who are they gonna blame when shit goes wrong? Yep, you guessed it, MEN!  Maury is a sellout!*

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