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    Never Ignoring the Original Truth

    Right off the rip, I’d go ahead and point out that I’ve based this blog solely on my opinion. Yes, I will put my spin on what the mainstream media has reported. But, I do not intend for anyone to use my articles as a source for breaking news. My hope is that you learn a thing or two while I pray for the people involved in this story. For many years, our ebony queens have reported on how we don’t notice their pain. They have repeatedly insisted that black men don’t protect them nor do we make them feel safe. It’s unfortunate that our women meet the wrong black men. The rule is, women are the price. You pick her up and drop her off.

    A man should ensure that his woman gets in the car safely, secures her seatbelt and she should eat or drink off his tab if he brought her out. I spoke about this situation on the phone yesterday. In that conversation, we agreed that even if Tory could delete the alleged shooting, this would still be a bad situation. The possession charge for the unregistered firearm is heavy. His best bet was at least if he could prove that he didn’t put his hands on that girl, let alone shoot her. Either way, unless he snitched, he was still going to do time. The gun charge is very serious. When it comes to this trouble, I don’t know what dropped my heart.

    I was crushed upon learning that Megan Thee Stallion was shot. Reading about the formal charges against Tory Lanez was also disappointing. With the exception of Drake, it had been a hot minute since I enjoyed new music. These two artists had me checking for them. I’d summarize that the L.A. County D.A.’s Office had to strike Tory Lanez for allegedly using “a semi-automatic firearm” and for carrying the unregistered gat in that vehicle. To me, they had two options. Drop the charges, and let Meg’s “bodily injury” go unexplained. Or beat Tory over the head with the whole book as he fights to avoid 22 years and 8 months in prison.

    They have repeatedly insisted that they don’t feel safe or protected by black men. It’s really unfortunate that so many of our women meet the wrong black men. 

    I’ve always said if you’re a street dude and you find yourself in a romantic situation that has a tendency to lead into domestic violence or rape, get a side chick. Yeah, pack it up and bounce. Early! There is no way you can explain how your woman got shot on your watch. Even that Kenneth Walker cat who was with Breonna Taylor when the cops murdered her, is partly to blame. As a man, your number one priority is to protect your woman. Or you surrender to negotiate her release. The moment you find yourself in a situation where your girl is at risk of danger or harm, you offer yourself in exchange for her safety. That’s the golden rule.

    This tragedy was already sticky but even if Tory didn’t shoot Megan, she was hurt on his watch. In that situation, clearing his name is not enough. He had to beef with whoever it was that assaulted his girl, if not even on the very night it happened. That is why, in my opinion, it looked bad. It was kinda odd that he dropped that album but it was comforting when he denied the allegations. The album is smoking hot. When a black man becomes famous the public ties his image to the rest of us. So if Tory Lanez represented black men in any way, it would have been great if he didn’t have the mother of all domestic abuse charges.

    Tory messed up on so many levels. One, he shouldn’t even have had that gun. Two, not to mention hanging out with a bunch of females without an exit plan. Three, for someone to assault his girl on his watch. The shooting might have tipped the scale over but the whole circumstance was ill-advised. Yes, 6ix9ine was kidnapped, Nipsey, XXX, and Pop Smoke were murdered. It’s dangerous for rappers. Yet, if you don’t feel safe, just don’t go out. If you have security, then they should carry weapons, not you. There is so much to unpack in this report. Unless someone set him up or lied, for some reason, he made a lot of mistakes.

    Even that Kenneth Walker cat who was with Breonna Taylor when the cops murdered her, is partly to blame. As a man, your number one priority is to protect your woman.

    The Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion’s story still smell a little fishy to me. The mainstream media rejected Tory’s new album as though he was not allowed to deny the accusation. However, the album is so hot, damn near every Hip Hop head bopped. He also made a strong case for his innocence in the music video. His sun was starting to shine when all of a sudden as people began to doubt the accusation, the authorities hit him with these charges? I get the gun possession charge and even some sort of assault but with the shooting? It’s almost as if the buzz from his new album forced the authorities to charge him.

    It smells like some type of conspiracy could be happening in this case. But, it also looks as if they could have incriminating photos, video, or voice notes against Lanez. As a rapper, I get it, we are always paranoid. I remember running into one loudmouth rapper in an alleyway one night. I’ve never seen someone run that fast. It’s dangerous in these streets. The block is super hot! However, he is also partly to blame just on the strength of how he was moving. You’re not in your country, far away from your hood and your real live homies, you’re riding with people you’ve only met a few years ago, and you let them know you’re packing.

    Once the strangers you’re with, know you’re holding, you can’t hang around chilling anymore. No heavy drinking, no smoking, no arguing. You should be on a timed schedule to leave. If your woman is with you, she rides on your time. If not, you split up and meet later. You make sure she is in agreement before you go anywhere with her. If she rejects, you walk out and drive off at the first sign of fuckery. They have Uber now. You don’t even have to say goodbye. For freedom or your life, step out that door, smoke a cigarette, text a chick, set something up, and bounce. I’d be in the next state by the time they realize I’m gone.*


    Is it Time to Examine the Overall Experience of Economic and Sexual Corruption in Sierra Leone?

    In Sierra Leone, there is an experience. The majority of the poor expect anyone with money or opportunities to share those resources with them. This disenfranchised majority has the courage to beg or ask anyone for free help. If someone were grabbed during the perpetration of a crime, the police officers would probably prefer a bribe to justice. If a student flunked a test or exam, that teacher or professor would probably require money to pass them. Do you understand my point? When we have people, who consider themselves low in luck, who live a difficult life, accept bribes to look the other way, we have a systemic gap.

    African Black: The Unreleased Anthems & Ballads

    There are fifteen tracks. The new Krio records, “Tonight feat. Reebz, & Specikinging,” “IV U feat. Tru Raw & King Boss L.A,” and”Superstar feat. Nes Mburu & Afrikan Diamond.” There are Calypso and Soca crossovers, “Oh La La & Maria feat. Delee,” as well as Zimba, Calypso, and Rap versions of my song “City Boy feat. Winnie Culture.” Look for the Rock and Roll Crossover, “Demodogs feat. T. I. M. & Rene Guillot.” This is Swift Nightz’s first release from Berlin, Germany. I published its accompanying book, “Crime Rhymes” out of St. George’s, Grenada, West Indies in 2019. I have slated this record as a November 2020 release.

    Voting Blindly in the 2020 United States Presidential Election

    In late October of 2020, even two weeks before the general elections, if you’re an independent, you’re still unclear on which exact policies the Democrats plan to implement if Joe Biden wins. What will the Biden administration do? What does “going too far left mean?” Some people say they want to take our guns. They will defund the police, and raise taxes as high as 62% for those who make over $400k a year. They haven’t denounced Plan Parenthood. They also have not explained their position on topics like newer sexual preferences, children’s role in gender identity, or unforeseen waves of feminism. Biden is 78 years old.

    Unspecific Tales About the Bringing into Being of the Police Force

    Depending on the narrator of the story, police history varies from continent to continent. Or even from region to region. For example, the very first professionalized police were the Philadelphia PD. Their mandate was to control unbridled worker strikes. According to the text, the authorities (that ran the system back then) initially sent in the army to control the crowd. That often led to a bloodbath. Luckily for everyone, the government created the police as a less deadly option. So basically, when people resisted the law back then the authorities did not change the law or the system, they sent in the military to kill them.

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