Unlocking The Myth of Finding a Traditional & Cooperative Wife in Europe

Look at the recent developments in the world, you should suspect that we’re coming to the end of the information age. Yes, people, I believe a brand-new eon is upon us. At this point, everyone is so informed, we can’t shut up. The enigma with information is that it’s someone’s idea. And as ideas go, the legendry Ice Cube once eloquently said: “They stink.” That is fascinating! Nevertheless, if everyone has a right to their opinion, then I wish to exercise my right by sharing my estimation in this huge puddle of stinky information which we call the internet. I base a lot of my shared conclusions on my personal observation or experience. With this in mind, this blog is about what I think of American studs dating European women in today’s gynocentric culture.

We’re looking for foreign ladies to replace our rebellious women.”

At the start of my journey as a blogger, I have tried to 1. keep my message from sounding personal and 2. emphasize that it is a philosophical foray as opposed to direct instruction on what to do. I have never claimed to be a guru, trainer, instructor, or expert. I have no CashApp, GoFundMe, or Patreon pages, although my profoundly hacked YouTube Channel is primarily where I promote my music videos and songs. In short, my blog is food for thought, but far from journalistic corporeality. If you wanted to support me, you could do so by purchasing one or all of my books or streaming my albums somewhere. To put this blog in context, let me describe it this way. American and Canadian men have lost control of their/our women. Guys are starting to fantasize.

Instead of facing the system in our country and demanding that our so-called elected officials regulate the order of our choice, some are desperately looking for other parts of the world where we could date more cooperative women. Many have given up on our system. We’re looking for foreign ladies to replace our rebellious women. If you ignore the hundreds of gray areas in this mentality you will narrow it down to one question. What for? Why do we want to meet these foreign women? Is it to have sex, to date casually? To marry? Addressing this concern, the hosts of the YouTube channel, Fresh N Fit, interviewed a well-traveled American who lives in Romania. Jokingly referred to as the most toxic man around, Andrew Tate, is a former MMA champion.

Tate got rich from engaging in a variety of shady business practices, including borderline pimping, soft porn, and gambling. Keep in mind that Europe is home to an unrestricted prostitution syndicate. In the interview, Tate was asked to provide his comments on the current dating pool in 2021. They wanted to know that a horny man with a red pill from America could travel to a European village and include the hottest women in his rotation of sluts. Can he go to Europe and sleep with as many green-eyed redheads as he wants and do as he pleases with them? In this blog, I will express my opinion on this possibility. If you’ve observed, I’ve preferred to use the phrase “dating pool” to describe what the red pill community detail as the sexual marketplace.

I don’t see it as a marketplace. Your potential slut, girlfriend, fiance, or wife shouldn’t be for sale. It is a sphere of single women who might be available for romantic relationships, not a sexual market. I could end this blog by easily saying, hell no, it doesn’t work that way. You can’t fly to Spain or Romania, and then while staying at your Air B&B, wag a few hundred dollars around town, and expect to include random women in your circle of sluts. How arrogant is it to even assume that? Are European women more cooperative with their romantic partners? Perhaps far more reliable and collaborative than those in North America. But as far as social engineering goes, there is a bit more to understand about how to initiate contact and build their trust.

First off, in my opinion, Europe operates a class system. When it comes to sex and dating if a man was horny enough to urgently require sex with no strings attached, his quickest bet is a brothel. He will find beautiful prostitutes who will be happy to take that monkey off his back. He could live in the Brothel if he chooses. The most typical alternative is to desire companionship and find a conventional woman for a long-term, committed and monogamous relationship. A single and available woman will expect him to ask for a proper date. If she agrees, their friendly encounters could lead to something more important. What I have found is that straightforward gentlemen who are looking for a traditional wife usually have no problem finding one in Europe.

Secondly, European people are well educated, street smart, and ethically savvy. They can sniff a fuckboy from a mile away. An F-boy will find himself negotiating with streetwalkers. It doesn’t matter if he’s rich. There is a prostitute for every demand. The international F-boy may use hypergamy to trap the occasional gold digger. That could land him a not-so genuine girlfriend. But, since Europe is more expensive than North America, this F-boy might spend more. It’s laughable to think that the average guy could select any woman and expect the smoke show to become his sex buddy or side chick? He could play some games to reach that end but he’d have to live in the country to have enough time for that. She could eventually sniff out the truth and take off.

Yes, even in Ukraine, Czech Republic, or Hungary, many young women have a bachelor’s degree or some form of post-secondary education.”

Thirdly, finding a dedicated and cooperative woman in Europe depends on her status. If you are self-important enough to ignore what she wants, you’d have to at least consider, what family does she come from, what is her educational background or what is her religion? Remember, Europeans are colonizers. Their families are not only socially instituted, but also financially established. The family might even have a coat of arms that goes with their prestigious surname. Even if you scored a one-night stand with a random party girl who is not a hooker, if she had no family, there is a small chance that someone sexually trafficked her. The people are generally not products of unwedded single motherhood. Even though, Europeans have a relaxed attitude to sex.

Fourthly, many European women have an Orthodox Christian, Jewish, Islamic, or Buddhist upbringing. They may not be avid worshippers or fanatics but they follow the code. They also have access to free universities. There are hardly any high school graduates. Yes, even in Ukraine, Czech Republic, or Hungary, many young women have a bachelor’s degree or some form of post-secondary education. They have access to universal health care and they are multilingual. Yes, the blonde girl in the sunflower dress could be a doctoral student. Regardless of her race, she is fit, eats healthy, has a decent savings account, access to social services you cannot imagine, lives in a modern apartment, has traveled widely, is non-individualistic, and very intelligent.

Do you want to be that horny perv who traveled across the Atlantic just to get laid? Are your values so poor that you believe your perishable Chinese items make you rich?. The Europeans automatically view any red-blooded heterosexual man, who strolls around their cities leading with his penis, as a sex tourist. In that instance, his status drops to flee-bottom level. To them, there is a high chance that he’s even on a tight budget. The European women are well aware that Americans eat unhealthily. They know we do not have access to adequate health care. We show up in the heart of Portugal or France, or in Bulgaria, or Estonia speaking a grammatically battered rendition of the English language. At that point, the logical choice becomes the stud from England.

People are aware that Americans have to work two 9-5s to make ends meet. They love to enjoy our exciting entertainment but showing up as a high-value sex tourist, is not it, Not even by a long shot. I’m not in Andrew Tate’s world. He drives a Lamborghini, I drive a Durango. He’s a multimillionaire, I barely scratch the surface. So, this blog is not a rebuttal. But I also carry multiple passports and have traveled extensively in Europe. He was right when he said, we just can’t expect to come here, wave a few bucks around, and get a dime piece to follow us around star-gazed. In my opinion, to land a proper European bombshell, a North American needs, insurance, an owned home, a decent savings account, good manners, and an unquestionable reputation.

For example, if you consume alcohol and try to get your dick sucked too soon, you’re now a sex tourist. The good girls that you planned to meet? They’ll disappear from sight. In my experience, the keywords are business, relationship, or marriage. In that case, Europe is flooded with some of the most beautiful traditional women. Many of them are 90% marriage-worthy. The divorce rate is high in every advanced country and feminism is deeply rooted in most European societies. When a new man shows up from overseas their sensors are initially set to alert. Your education determines your pay grade. Work hard, live healthily, save money, own a home, have class and decent manners… BE WILLING TO LEARN HOW TO SPEAK THEIR LOCAL LANGUAGE…

When you meet these women your intention should be to date, settle down, marry or start a business. That’s how you take the prize out here. Once you do that, you will land a smoke show, who is cultured, educated, comes from a good family, traditional and cooperative. Then and only then will you prove the myth to be true. European women still have their feminine and traditional homemaking capabilities. But they are also looking for you to play your gender role. You should be on your purpose, driven, qualified, and ready. Understand that there is a huge cultural difference. Be humble and open-minded. Many do not want to live in the states and I wouldn’t even suggest moving them back home with you. I’d say treat that as a clean break from the Matrix.*

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