The Sandmann’s Journal Vol. 1

In this volume, you will find entries of some of my preferred celebs, rides, West African cuisines, an introduction to Sierra Leone and the process of releasing my first and second books with their accompanying albums. These entries personify the early stage of my music and writing career. Being new to Toronto, |Canada| there were very few places where I could interchange an alliance. I had no choice but to go independent. That’s when I started my independent record, publication and distribution companies and connected with Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing Inc.

In my understanding of how to live, I’ve come to view ethics differently from those I know. For example, I believe in miracles, survival by any means, that the end justifies the reason. My creed: never rape, never takes an innocent life or cause harm to any living creature. Be kind to people even when they are disrespectful and always keep a promise. Rid me of hatred because it’s a self-destructive emotion. Be slow to anger, merciful and diplomatic but if I must strike it’s to react in self-defense. Repent, apologize, restitute, be unregretful. At first, I took the unadventurous route of seeking magazine articles, radio interviews, and performances at local shows around the city.

When those didn’t yield the dividend I required, it was time to pull resources from outside of the country to make my presence felt. I knew that if I went too long without attention, my objectives would flop. Using multiple talents became crucial. I became a record label, publicist, graphic designer, promoter, author, executive producer, blogger and philanthropist at the same time. This was my challenge, to secure my legacy, I had to find a balance between creativity and the professional side of artistry while adjusting to a new city, and do so passionately.

My Creative Process

This was my challenge, to secure my legacy. I had to find a balance between creativity and the professional side of artistry while adjusting to a new city and do so passionately. In the last 10 years, it had been as if I was not in the same mental or spiritual wavelength with most people I met. Many often twisted my words, misjudged and came to the wrong conclusion in their attempt to anticipate my intentions. Everywhere said one thing and did the opposite. Many lived as sheep, thinking they’re wolves. Modern slaves, who lived in a psychological servitude. Androids who lust for wealth.

My unadulterated freedom dictates that the best game is no game. I approach every situation with an open mind and only react to the circumstance in a given position. As long as it concerns me, I live in peace with all, but if war is unavoidable make no mistake, I will sustain an unbearable assault. I speak with confidence, love genuinely, befriend the outsider, show compassion, have no fear, show respect and carry out my wish no matter the consequence. This is because I only live once. Sometimes a song is not enough to say everything that needs to be said.

Hip Hop Music & Kulture

I express a sincere appreciation for Hip Hop – the Kulture, music, heritage, fashion, language, buzz and misapprehensions. I always let the public know where I stand on important issues. This journal started as a news page on my website, Then I noticed that the news page had become a reference point for a hidden antagonist who worked diligently from behind the scene to wedge me away from success. I transformed it to |my blog site|. These entries were published on that site. This is why there are dates under each title; to indicate when they were initially released. As blogging has become saturated, I’m merging to “The Sandmann’s Journal.” Now and then, I’d go months without publishing anything. All the while, I’d be writing and editing.

Then in one day, I’d post 6 or 7 articles. You will find several entries like that, bearing the same date. In this journal, I have re-edited my old blogs, grammatically and structurally. And traversed this format and make them read slicker. They are pragmatically the same as they appeared on the site. You may ask why republish them as eBooks if years ago they were published on my website? The answer is; I’m fearful that as time goes by, they may be lost one way or another. By republishing them into books, I’ve ensured that as my journal, they will always be accessible. They turned out to be a significant portion of my intellectual property. I want them to play a substantial part in my legacy. Bear in mind that in this journal some language will be in Ebonics or street slang.*

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