Overall, this is a time for all men to put original value in themselves. Men should not give their time, love, money, semen or wisdom so easily. For members of the opposite sex to take them for granted. One can use Donald Trump’s statement on “grabbing women by their pussy” to shame men from making sexual advances on women. Let’s expound on what the sexual value of men should be. Years ago, I said I don’t think cheating is wrong.

You will find many married couples guilty of it. Society still has mistaken it
to suggest that it’s the same as cheating.”

My reason for saying that was because of the misguided idea that cheating is like adultery. Adultery is wrong, scripturally, because it defiles the sacred nature of marriage. You will find many married couples guilty of it. Society still has mistaken it to suggest that it’s the same as cheating. Whether it’s love or lust, having premarital sex is always wrong. If that person cheated or their lover cheated, it really doesn’t change anything morally. A lie is a lie, no matter who, what, when or the wording.

Being highly sexual creatures, most of us want to fornicate. Much more of us enjoy masturbation. And we exist in a society that vindicates one set of immorality while it bastardizes another. Our society indicates that police killings are justified while it condemns other murderers. It shows that homosexuality is natural while it cries down masculinity. The media’s classification of behaviors, places or things is not always correct. Other definitions of the same are not still wrong. It is up to us to decide what ensures our survival.

…because the media advocates for women to perceive the tamest
sexual advance as sexual harassment.”

Moreover, we drive our society psychologically by listening to the media system. Because they have positioned them self above any other source of information. This would not be a problem if the masses were not followers. So, guess who gets to define sexual assault? Guess who gets to determine when it’s bad for men to pursue women? It’s not women, it’s definitely not men. It’s no longer the religious institution but the media.


The reason why it’s suddenly a problem for men to chase women for the sexual exploitation is that of the media. It advocates for women to perceive the tamest sexual advance as sexual harassment. By teaching women to believe that they have more to offer than sex, aspiring to become a man’s wife, girlfriend or sex partner becomes a resentful thought. This ensures that men won’t get what they want without paying dearly and it gives women an incentive to overlook accomplished men. But what do men have to offer?

One idea suggests that if a man admires or compliments a woman’s original feature, the only view her as a sex object. If this is true, then, at a time of gender equality, women also objectify men in other ways. This is why I believe a man can respect a woman and feel sexual attraction for her at the same time. There’s a line between an innocent sexual advance and objectifying, groping or catcalling.

One idea suggests that if a man admires or compliments a woman’s sexual feature, he only views her as a sex object.

Keep in mind that although most women expect men to make the first move, many do not think it’s romantic if the man was direct about sex. But many still expect to be seduced more often than they hope to attract a man. It’s because of this that I think all men should raise their self-respect by holding back. Why should men sell for cheap? Why should we be the pursuers who subject to rejection or humiliation when women do not do the same? Should men accept the image of the seeker of sex, to the extent where society deems our advance as harassment?

If men held a collective show of self-worth, women would be compelled to show that they want men just as much as men want them. They would not complain about the care and attention they receive from men. Of course, any form of physical, psychological, spiritual or emotional manipulation of any kind is wrong. No one should be forced to do something against their will. This is why men should give just as much sexual attention to women as women are willing to give to men.

…a proud man who expects women to be as eager to be with him because he is valuable.”

To answer the question, a sexual advance is the expressed desire to be with a woman sexually. I say “woman” because we have a double standard in a reversed situation. When women advance on men sexually, they want to have and keep him in their lives also. Some women trick men into fatherhood by using lust to exploit the men. These women are not accused of assault or harassment. Most of the time, the man is not even seen as a victim. A sexually restrained man will hold those women accountable in the same way.

Women are not rebuked for falsely accusing innocent men of targeting them for sex. Usually, that man will be considered lucky if he clears his name. The reason why this is possible is that the masses adhere only to what the media suggests. Therefore, if the press does not indicate that it’s a crime for a woman to trap or accuse a man falsely, then the masses will never see it that way. Yet, if a man was to make a sexual advance at a woman who wanted him, it’s the man who is lucky. Not both or none of them.

If I had the power, I would call on all men to remain assured that it’s perfectly okay to be natural. Know that regardless of what the media promotes, men define masculinity not them. It’s perfectly okay to admire female beauty, seduce and pursue women for sexual encounters. If it was not your intention to demean women, then you are not demeaning women.

In no way should a man feel the need to grab, grope, rape or force a woman to do anything. When one takes this stand, it should not be out of revenge, it must be because he is a proud man who expects women to be as sexually interested in him as he is in them. A man should be confident that other than money, he also has something valuable to offer. Like her, he too should never give up time or love easily. He should learn to be “strong” and handle potential relationships intelligently! *


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