The Step by Step Paradigm on the Journey from Dating to Divorce II

3. Marriage

We must take anything formally if it arises from a pledge. The vow of marriage is an ancient oath that two people make to connect their souls. Isn’t that why “the two becomes one flesh?” It is a pact between a man and a woman before God with their families, and friends as witnesses. Once they make the treaty, the country authorizes the law to seal it forever. You can’t take it back. Today, many people have been in and out of some many dating relationships that they think they can get out of a marriage with the same type of ease.

Many people get married without understanding the meaning of a wedding. They dated for some time, get involved in a pre-honeymoon that plateaued and then get engaged and TIE THE KNOT. What they did not think about before making that promise is that once established, they are no longer the same person they used to be. When something goes wrong, they can go to court and get the law to nullify its recognition of their union, but the pact is never undone. Hence, there is no ceremony to cancel the wedding vow. In order words, even after a divorce, you are still married to that person.

Beautiful bride and groom

Lack of Understanding

For most, they may not have had the guidance needed to help them prepare. Some may not have learned everything there is to know about the sanctioned roles with the sacred bond. How many men stand at the altar waiting for their bride without realizing the importance of the step they are about to take? The smartest woman in his world is about to give up her family and join him. Of course, when a woman marries a man, she goes to live with him in his home. They move from their families to a new place where they build a new life in their own home. “For better or worse.” She renounces her family and joins him to create a new family.

The wife gives up her last name and takes her husband’s. If a woman cannot make this initial step, there is no reason to say “I do.” The point is their union is a pact (that they’ve made before God and witnesses), that comes with obligations which nobody can undo. According to Unified Lawyers, today, there are fewer marriages and more divorces. Be careful with the not getting married trend though. That is because according to the rules when single people have sex, the devil sings with joy. Plus when they have children, those kids are acknowledged as bastards. If that is not harsh enough, get this, bastards are unacceptable ere the Man upstairs.

The Benefits of Marriage

That means their blood is not pure in God’s eyes because their parents did not make the pact of marriage. The standard rules state that we cannot redeem a bastard’s blood until the seventh generation of consecutive married offspring. Ouch! Yeah, people are marrying less today and those who do, end up in divorce court about 60% of the time. Okay so, if the reason one gets married is not to love one another, then it may be to avoid fornicating and giving birth to what the scriptures consider as illegitimate offspring. However, when we move the uncomfortable facts out of the way, the other reason for marriage is to continue a family’s name.

You could be the seventh generation of the Roberts family for example. The dream is for a reliable and enthusiastic husband to admire and cherish his appreciative and supportive wife. They impart their traditional family discipline and values to their adorable children. Of course, the perfect scenario would be where they lived comfortable lives, the children gained quality education and they all remained law-abiding citizens who make worthwhile contributions in their community. Nevertheless, we all fall short of the glory, so when we do our best with what we have, we can punch out knowing that we made the best lemonade with the lemons that life gave us.

4. Divorce

Divorce is the most selfish accomplishment on the planet. I’ve noticed that every marriage that ends in divorce was on a steamboat from the beginning. They had started fornicating early, when the situation seemed like it was about to tank, they got engaged. And then when the engagement got stale, they slapped a wedding on there as a relationship first aid. Eventually, when they run out of bandage, the relationship bottom’s out. The married couple knows they cannot take back their wedding vows, but they pretend to nullify the pact they made with their partner.

The bitter truth is once you get married you cannot take it back. The court can no longer recognize you as a couple, but guess what? When you get a divorce and remarry, that second husband or wife is a glorified girlfriend or boyfriend. Once you’ve made those vows with someone, you cannot take it back, circle and make another one. That is the main reason why radical feminists hate God. In their selfishness, they have chosen to be lazy. They want no accountability whatsoever.

Therefore, they decide to disrespect God, rules, traditions, etc. in a blatant attempt to avoid responsibility. Every marriage does not necessarily have to end. But the fact of the matter is the truth cannot change. Just like they knew nothing about marriage when they skidded down the aisle, many people do not even know about divorce either. They believe they are still an individual after getting married.

A wifestitute just like a man whore is a man whore. Fornication is fornication, adultery is adultery, bastards are bastards, and you can only marry once. But then again, people who have become accustomed to getting in and out of dating relationships often end up in divorce court as well. I guess what I’m saying is, yes, you can fix your marriage. The rules are straightforward. As long as you are not selfish, stubborn or a whore then you can make it work.

And the fact of the matter is most people do make it work. Most men cannot keep their dick in their pants, and some women believe that when they walk away from their man, it will be the end of his happiness. So while married men are donkey fucking everything with a skirt on it, married women are walking out of their husband’s lives like no body’s business.& The truth of the matter is, with all the horror stories about the family court a large number of people also stay married. According to the world atlas, the countries with the highest divorce rates are Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, the Cayman Islands, United States, Bermuda, Cuba, and Lithuania.*

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