The Worst Thing Ever to Happen to Western Women is the Feminist Elite

Huffington Post

We heard some significant points at the NPR interview with Suzanne Venker. Two women discussed how the feminists elite took over the media, Hollywood, and academia. And how they filtered in their views on education, sex, career, motherhood, etc. That is not equality. They’ve asked us to remove religion, discredit our ancestors and bring an end to our traditions. So feminists can get women drafted into the army, lose their standing housewives, and work in dangerous jobs. Instead of getting married, raising a family where the father lives at home and the mother supports him? Forget men, but it’s “independent” to take assistance from the government?

The Worst Thing to Happen to Women

The household belongs to both the man and woman regardless of who is the breadwinner. You are already an independent woman; when you depend on government assistance, you become dependent on the government. You are not independent. Men can move on and invent new things that will earn a living. What is feminism doing for today’s woman? Slutwalks, teaching ungratefulness, under-appreciation and lack of empathy for men. Encouraging disregard for family, some women bearing themselves almost naked on social media and criticizing men who are actively seeking to date?

In Australia, Canada and Japan feminism have won. College girls who wish to be wives and mothers cannot speak about it openly. Their feminist setting denies them of that desire. In those countries, the voice of average men is almost nonexistent. Not all women are feminists. Many of us none feminists do support equality for women; we stand by every right including empowerment for girls. And we do not condone any crimes committed against women. Furthermore, by this, we support women all over the world. However, when it comes to us men, the mere mention of our rights is enough to incite some feminists protests with a high spirited chant like “men don’t need rights, because they’re misogynists.”*

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