Tomi Lahren Says Since She & Her Friends Cannot Find Good Men, “ALL Men Are Trash”

I just watched this video and thought, wow, today’s women make a lot of blunders when it comes to dating straight men of high value. What is a straight man of high value? These are men who have no aim of being a babysitter, sperm donor, free attention giver, in a temporary relationship. We look for women who want to marry us, take our last name, and raise our traditional family. It is my opinion that many of today’s women enter into the dating scene with the wrong mentality, and that is why they end up on their own. A high-value man will spot your self-centered egotism and lose some interest. Yes, I’m talking here about the YouToo/MeToo/UsToo or argumentative radical feminists. The one who believes accountability is an attack on her gender.

Someone who comes to a man with grievances from her past and holds back her love.

Any man with good reason already knows how to either run or pump and fly from them. Why is that? Because of their belief system. How can a woman want a man while believing she’s oppressed by his gender and considers him a potential abuser? She is someone who comes to a man with grievances from her past and holds back her love. Those women ignore the fact that the man they want also has antecedent complaints. By only concerning themselves with their anxieties and not his, they demonstrate a one-sided situation which he will avoid. It will never work. Feminism is best when the man also has a feminist mentality. Most high-value men do not. We are vicious people who devour the world, having no time for any accusations or diversions.

We are interested in women like the ones described by Tomi Lahren. So-called none feminist women who have positive role models who are successful wives and mothers, who love and cherish men. Those who want to behave responsibly in a committed romantic relationship and are willing to play their part in having a traditional marriage and a family in the end. High-value men want a trustworthy teammate. By reliable, I mean someone who will not flake on us, claim to be oppressed or marginalized by us, or those who won’t divorce us. Good men are not overlooking those issues anymore. Okay, with all that said, let me try to answer the checklist that Tomi Lahren presented in this video. To determine where most of today’s women’s minds are off track.

…she is trying to honor the female’s code by not freeing a man from an unwanted relationship by offering him a sanctuary or an escape, for the benefit of the other woman. That question does not take his well being into consideration…


By that, she means if the man is entirely lonely and without a woman in his life. Will it be rude to suggest that it’s unreasonable to anticipate a man being utterly alone? She asks this question because she is trying to honor the female’s code by not freeing a man from his unwanted relationship by offering him a sanctuary or an escape, to the detriment of the other woman who may be failing him. That question does not consider his wellbeing, only her need for lack of competition. She askes unknowingly, but that in itself is an indication of misandry. That is not the question a woman should ask a man with whom she plans to meet, marry, and have a family. The right question for those “single women” who can’t find a man, is what do you have to offer this “good man.”

The man will laugh in his mind, knowing that you do not care about his emotions. Yes, it’s best to find an entirely single man, but you should not just care about your feelings and that of his other woman whom you haven’t even met. In many populations, the percentage of women is over 54% of the total. There are more women than men, so in any case, the man you meet will be involved or even be stuck in a doomed relationship. The question that a woman should ask is: How is your love life right now? Are you happy with your current situation? She should be looking to offer him a better condition or a more suitable fit for what he wants. Not only if he is alone. Society hates men who have multiple options, so they exclude us from the dating scene.  


Tomi Lahren’s second argument is that a woman does not want to be a man’s texting buddy. She wants a physical lover who is present. That means women will ignore text messages because they do not want to write. Instead, they want to meet in person. Her explanation states that the texts should lead to a plan made by the man. He should call the woman to make plans, not just to chat, pick her brain, or check on her. Tomi may be right while moving too fast. Here, also, the woman does not take the man’s position into account. She may have several men texting her, and she wants to choose a date with the best one. What she refuses to accept is that the man also has multiple women waiting to meet. He also wants to select the smartest of them all.

This guy is looking for a traditional wife, not an undercover feminist.

She wants someone funny, amusing, sexy, who can hold a conversation about other topics besides her beauty or her booty. Does he text to ensure that this woman is worth grooming, getting dressed, cleaning his car, and driving to see? She wants to know in advance so she can invite her friends to devise a strategy on how to overcome him psychologically. To clean up the aisle from all other perspectives, put on her hair and makeup, and then direct the show. Or, to have an entry, stay, or exit tactics if she is going to visit him. She needs time to plot. That’s why she needs to know in advance. When he sends text messages randomly, he catches her carelessly, so she ignores his texts or calls because she wants to control them. That is a severe mistake.

He wants you to be ready to move. He surprises. He is a man of adventures and unexpected enthusiasm. If you are beautiful, then you are beautiful. If you are interested, then you are interested. He wants to catch you in your t-shirt and sweatpants, no makeup, just romance. He wants to know you. This guy is looking for a traditional wife, not an undercover feminist. Basically, at the texting stage, he is determining if he can control the situation. Can he lead this woman? If you pass, he will make plans, if you fail, he will make an excuse and ask the other woman out instead. You must answer his text or calls and hold a few conversations if you want him to make a plan to meet you later. Demonstrate the qualities of a traditional wife to fast forward your progress.


At this point, our vlogger suggests that men should know the difference between a mature high-class woman and an immature low-class woman. I will walk this back a little bit to tie in my other points because they are all interconnected. When, I mean, when, and did you hear me say when? Okay, when you meet the high-value man, he will have several women with whom he communicates presently. We are talking men who other women want. Some guys might even have one or two casual sex partners. Despite that, once he zeros in on that high-value woman that bestows the potential of a trusted wife, he will gently let go of the other women he was seeing. He is a man, so don’t expect him to crush women’s hearts. High-value men don’t do that.

Even if we don’t want a woman anymore, we will let her down easily. That is why we may be unhappy but not completely single in the first place. A woman will have to be extremely offensive or rude for a high-value man to dump her mercilessly. Granted, there is no easy way to break things off. Now, let’s assume you met him, asked if he is happy with his current love life, and he said no. You’ve started talking, and he is warming up to you through text messages and phone calls. He has finally musted up the confidence to know that if he makes plans with you, you will not flake out at the last minute. Now he’s making arrangements to see you. You have hung out a few times, had your first kisses, cuddled, and enjoyed sex. That’s when the relationship has begun. 

That 21 years old? She joins him with small tasks, that include in between kisses. She tells playful stories…

But you have a busy schedule, and there are yet stragglers in his phone with whom he hasn’t figured out a way to let go without crushing their spirit. He’s navigating towards you, yet you are also a high-value woman. You have a thriving career and a bustling social life. It’s too soon to speak about subjects like when to move in when to meet the parents or marriage. Just because he is juggling that does not mean he does not know your value. We live in a world of misandry. As a man, he cannot be seen as cruel to women. You have to give him time to faze out of his former life as he builds the new and more permanent one with you. Some guys drop everything and dive in headfirst. Others tip their way in. The more comfortable you make him, the better.

Like for instance, if you are going to be working late, lend him the key to your home and invite him to wait for you there. Or invite him to meet you for lunch on your break at work. Ask him to do you a favor and drop off some groceries to replenish your fridge. Think of a way to engage him with something concerning you while you are at work and make sure to compensate for that when you get back. That 21 years old? She joins him with small tasks, that include in between kisses. She tells him interesting and playful stories, which is why he goes back there often. The crazy reality is that when it comes to value, it is the opposite sex that determines that. Tomi and her friends might believe they are super awesome and not be that pleasant to date or marry.


Tomi Lahren points out that high-value women have exceptional standards and therefore demand coherence from the man they date. Although she is 100% correct, the area where she is wrong is when that consistency should occur. For high-value heterosexual men, we apply coherence as a reward to the woman who has shown that she understands that the relationship is not only about what she wants. Yes, at that point, she is the star of the show. However, when it is too soon for consistency, it can translate as a satisfactory behavior as a way to qualify as a wonderful boyfriend. Keep in mind that although Tomi Lahren and her friends are not feminists, they still can confer a feminist mentality. That is a very crucial detail that high-value men understand. 

Therefore, a man of high value does not only listen to what a woman tells him but also observes whether her actions match her words. She may say she is not a feminist while behaving or thinking like one. We live in a time when feminism has become the norm. Every woman was forced to follow the feminist doctrine, and all corporate, judicial, and commercial systems serve as pillars for this system. A high-value heterosexual male is prudent to defend his freedom, his assets, and his reputation. There is no please for him. If he makes a mistake, that is going to cost him for a long time. He can’t afford the time. Let me explain a little more so that it is understood that high-value men are not against feminists or feminism. I will use myself as a scapegoat here.

Just as she could be a feminist while displaying feminist ideals, she could also be pump and dump without knowing it.

When I choose a woman as my partner, I do not look for feminists because their ideas do not match mine. I want a traditional woman who does not make every situation about herself. She must have a purpose. That purpose is the continuation of a bloodline or surname. She participates in Wilfred’s team as a protagonist. A feminist cannot be trusted to do that. There is someone for everyone. I look for a team player who’s priority is not the concerns and whims of mine or herself. It is the overall continuance of the family’s blood and name. She must be able to put someone or something else above herself and live or die to protect something more significant than herself. That means that God comes first, the family unit comes next.

The children and their prosperity are more important than the wife. The assets, and yes, of course, the man are also significant. High-value men always put themselves last on the list. So even though she comes before the man, there are many other levels above her station. When she meets a man of high value and demands consistency before she even proves that she understands the different levels, she shows the man that she is a waste of time. Just as she could claim not to be a feminist while displaying feminist ideals, she could also be pump and dump material without knowing it. The coherence comes after proving that such details are worthwhile. She is not ordering fast food here, she is making homemade meals from scratch, without complaining.


In her last point, Tomi Lahren explains how she loses interest in men. When she does, she never regains it. She talks about how men always come back after screwing one of the requirements on her list. Men never take responsibility for their failures. I guess they trample, protest, cry, beg, take revenge, or do something as a way of either getting her back or seeking revenge for their rejection. Tomi said that it is not difficult when she loses interest in a man (who failed her test), and she never wants to see him again. She said she has worked hard to earn the right to her high standards and expectations. Keep in mind that while she is right to feel, think, or behave as she chooses, this discussion is about why women of high value cannot find or keep a good man.

Better yet, the question should be, why do women want a good man? What purpose should he serve in their life? She did not define what a good man looks like to her and her friends. She only implied that she and her friends are unmarried. They believe that the reason is that the men they meet or talk to do not get it. The reason I wrote this blog is to reveal the confusion. In this case, she indicates a fatal error for each relationship. That is the impossibility of forgiveness and reconciliation. Relationships are full of trial and error. There must be room for improvement. You see what I meant when I said that none feminists could come up with feminist ideas without knowing it? A woman of high value could be a pump and dump material without knowing it.

He should be comfortable around her, plan their future, marry her, celebrate her pregnancy, and long for a suitable family. However, the woman must be the right person for such an endowment.

Why is she a beautiful, educated, hardworking, and successful blonde alone in her house speaking to a camera about how to find a good man? Everyone needs somebody, and we all have to fight for what we want. We have to do what it takes to keep what we have. She is 27 years old, there is no ring on her wedding finger, there are no children in her nest, and her bed is absent of a dedicated man’s odor. Why? I believe she has missed the point entirely and approached men with the wrong perspective on how relationships should go? Twenty years ago, millionaires fell everywhere, for women like her. What has changed? The answer is a modern female’s egocentrism. No high-value man will want to sign up for someone like that knowingly. 

When a woman does not understand the mortality of life and the importance of family, a man of high value will never commit to her. Yes, he may return for more casual sex, but he will curse the gods if she gets pregnant. That is the opposite reaction to what it should be. He should be comfortable around her, plan their future, marry her, celebrate her pregnancy, and long for a suitable family. However, the woman must be the right person for such an endowment. She must put his concerns above those of other women and protect their blood and surname even after his death. The whole point of dating is to vet someone with the intent to marry them. You cannot come to that table with an individual mindset and expect to get anything more than casual sex.*

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