Top Five Representations of the Real Patriarchy


Let’s discuss my top five representations of the real patriarchy. A few years ago the mainstream media implanted the word “patriarchy” into the imprecise lexicon of everyday people. They delivered a new boogieman to the many socially and economically disenfranchised wives, daughters and even sisters of the global society claiming that their husbands, brothers, and fathers are rapey patriarchs who oppress them. Of course, that scheme worked like a charm. The most radical feminists now had a clear antagonist to fight and defeat.

What is a patriarch and what is the representation of patriarchs? Let’s take a look at my impression. According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, a patriarch is: “a: one of the scriptural fathers of the human race or of the Hebrew people Abraham was a patriarch of the Israelites. b: a man who is a father or founder or c: the oldest member or representative of a group.” Cambridge Dictionary asserts that the patriarch is: “a powerful and usually older man in charge of a family or the male leader of a society in which men hold power.” It also asserts that it is, “a bishop in certain Eastern Churches, or the male leader of a family.”

Propaganda War

Much other mainstream propaganda spreading platforms use a similar definition of the word patriarchy. Funnily no one is calling for a ban of the Meridian Webster Dictionary since the term “Hebrew people” is antisemitic. More or less, everyone has ignored the bias and untrue nature of the broad definition since the male-dominated population serves as the perfect antagonist. However, we can clearly see that the term patriarchy is indeed a word that can be used to bastardize the monotheistic deity. The simple truth is the patriarch is just another word for a parent or an overseer. That’s it. In actuality, when you interpret the word patriarch into other languages, the word for it is the parent.

Well-Known World Brand Logotypes

1. The Corporation

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a real representation of a patriarch in today’s civilization. It is not your father, husband, brother, or anyone in your family. It is not your male boss, evangelist or civil servant in your city. The “not fake news” has pulled the wool over your eye. Many conspiracy theorists will give flashy reasons why the mainstream media has spread this bold lie. Those reasons would range from the proliferation of atheism to the legalization of pedophilia to the destruction of the traditional family structure. I am here to inform you that one of the leading patriarchs of our time is the dominant corporations.

2. The Establishment

Ask yourselves for a second, can your father imprison you? Does your brother have a platform broad enough to tarnish your reputation all over the world? Can your husband feed you any information and then ignore your denial of that information only to implement policies that are in line with the misinformation he has forced on you? Can your boyfriend imprison you for committing a crime against him? If your answer is no, it means that the institution represents the patriarch, not the person.

Who has authority you cannot reject or renounce? Who can fight your life or freedom without blame? What happens if your husband murders you? The police launch a manhunt, if they don’t kill him, they capture him. Then they lock him in a cell, drag him to court, charge him and sentence him to spend the rest of his life in prison. What happens when a police murdofficer murders you? They put him on administrative leave, bring him before a grand jury and set him free.

In the cases where a police murdofficer has killed someone, and a husband has killed his wife, which one will the mainstream media give full coverage and which one will they not report fully? Yep, you guessed right. CNN will parade the husband throughout the news, while the murdofficer will fade into oblivion. How is that husband the patriarch? He’s a killer, yes. He should go to prison for taking someone’s life but is he a patriarch? I doubt that.

3. The Mainstream Media

When you look at the power that we were brainwashed to attribute to men, we have to step back and ask ourselves. Do men have that kind of power? Let’s be honest here. Because a man lands a good paying job or a commanding position, does that make him that powerful? Can he walk on water? The last time I checked war veterans were committing suicides, fewer boys were enrolling into university, and the majority of homeless people were men. The only other source of the patriarchal power was the mainstream media which is owned by a powerful conglomerate that you and I cannot control.

4. The Government

Ladies and gents, your government, is your patriarch. They are not only your judge, jury, and executioner; they are also your sole provider. Yes, feminists, the reason why you do not need your husband or boyfriend to provide for or protect you is that your government has replaced your spouse with the prosecutor, the agent or the senator. The government is in your house. They are telling you how to raise your kids, putting a roof over your head, feeding and protecting you. Who protects you?

Well, in the past it was the fathers, husbands, brothers, and sons that protected the people from falling under the total control of the government. Now, the government, corporations, and media have named them your evil patriarch, and you’ve agreed with them. However, the government is more of a patriarch in your everyday life than your and husband has ever been.

Democracy is your patriarch. It owns you and your children; it holds your land and your property. You are its subject. Your husband, boyfriend, father or brother do not even come close to having the authority and power that the government has over you. In fact, it is the opposite. As long as you are loyal to and supportive of your father, brother, husband or boyfriend, they present a threat to the authority of the government. To eliminate that threat, they have to use the media to spread the fallacy that your parents or spouse are your oppressive patriarchs. And they’ve used the classic divide and conquer strategy to remove your real protector from your life, making you a complete subject of the government.

5. Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh

My fellow earthlings, in our very brief existence on this planet, you should not die without knowing that our ultimate patriarch is the Alpha and Omega Himself. Father God, the beginning, and the end, the One who sent us Moses, Joshua, Isiah, Yeshua, and the Prophet Mohamed (peace and blessings upon his name). It was the CREATOR that ordained your father and your husband as the leader of your family. Being anti-patriarch is atheism in disguise since you dismiss the essence of your religion. If that is not the case, then at the least you must consent to the fact that you challenge the wisdom of your deity.

In Conclusion

The patriarchy is our invisible bully. Men are even more victim of the patriarchy than women are, but we will leave that for another blog. In this discussion, my goal is to help peel back the wool that the mainstream media has fastened over your eye. To retune your brain to the correct frequency where you connect to common sense instead of an emotional whim. If you want to know who is your real patriarch look into your bank or the keepers of your credit report.

Look at organizations that send letters to your home that you did not give your address. Bodies that provide you ultimatums which you cannot reject. Like your airline company for example. I based this blog on my opinion; as usual, it is up to you to decide if you dig it or not. In the last ten years of writing these blogs, I’ve never asked you to like, follow or subscribe to any of my pages. I’ve been merely appreciative of the few people who take the time to read my opinions and understand how my mind works as an artist.


My delight will be when you sit and discuss these issues in your forums using your honest personal observation of your surrounding and your circumstance by becoming ever so skeptical of what the mainstream media displays on your televisions, computers or smartphones.

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