Universal Zulu Nation – Pt. 1

This blog continues with the various agencies of cultural philosophies that collectively represent the creed of Hip Hop. Here we embrace Afrika Bambaataa’s Zulu Nation. Let’s have a quick recap, shall we? We’ve covered Christianity, Islam, and Judaism and ascertained that they are significant faiths in the Kulture. These monotheistic beliefs consist of the basic credo for many people in the African community. We have also delved into the teachings of The Nation of Gods and Earths Five Percenters. Which is also a significant doctrine in the creed of Hiphop. Considering that you are ever cognizant that we are examining the cultural mentalities that drive the Kulture of Hip Hop.

The Zulu Nation was created by Afrika Bambaataa, a 1970’s DeeJay [DJ] who pioneered DJ Kool Herc’s invention of Hip Hop music.

Now we shall dive into The Universal Zulu Nation. Their message illustrates yet another wing of this Kulture’s list of philosophies. The Zulu Nation was founded by Afrika Bambaataa. He is a 1970’s DeeJay [DJ] who explored DJ Kool Herc’s invention of Hip-Hop. Kool Herc looped “the break” part of Dance and Funk songs to create a unique sound. In the early days of Hip Hop DJ Kool Herc also produced “break boys” and “break girls” to dance and entertain the audience while he played. That is what developed into the musical aspect of Hiphop. Many have also said DJ Flowers, and DJ Hollywood was also influential in establishing the emcee element of the music.

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Afrika Bambaataa

Afrika Bambaataa is one of the first deejays [DJ] to be inspired by the new music movement. He took it to the next level by forming a worldwide youth empowered action. His goal was that of organizing reformed gang members to partake in an ethical assemblage. He wanted to make positive mentorships available in his community. Many sources credit Afrika Bambaataa for making the hypothesis that Knowledge, DeeJay, Graffiti, Dance and the Emcee are the essential elements of Hip Hop Kulture. Back then, he also sorted to reduce black on black crimes in the community.

Seeing that it developed at the height of the Nation of Islam’s historic period…

He wanted to bring a Kultural balance to the music, so he incorporated some Afrocentric, Nubian and Pan African schools of thought into his message. Bambaataa developed The Universal Zulu Nation at the height of a historical rise in street violence. That caused the Kulture to embraced his peaceful philosophy, and it became a vital part of Hip Hop’s creed. The Universal Zulu Nation is about peace and goodwill. Bambaataa has since added Egyptology in with his philosophical system. *


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