Universal Zulu Nation – Pt. 2

The “Belief page” on the Universal Zulu Nation’s website has the full list of their philosophical system. One of their main emphasis is on the notion of “Factology.” They prefer fact over belief. By belief, the Nation names any, and all dogmas. Any myth or pedagogy taught as per religion or society’s convention of human ethics. Factology symbolizes proof. This point is vital in Hip Hop because the community does not trust some faiths, establishments or the media. These entities may have an inclination to proclaim information without giving clear evidence. For example, the press may report that someone is a liar. It must also expose the lies that the person has told.

The Universal Zulu Nation teaches that the Bible, Qur’an and all prophetic scriptures
are holy books of the divine law.”

The media often propagates slander without showing concrete evidence. The Hip Hop community needs absolute proof that something occurred before it can accept that as a fact. The Five Percenter’s impression is that knowledge leads to equality. The Universal Zulu Nation emphasizes the “right knowledge” as opposed to any knowledge. It encourages the community to ground itself in their original system. By having the “right understanding,” or “right sound reasoning.” Because that is what leads to the “right ways, actions, and thinking.” Hip Hop has a specific mentality, and it questions others by factoring the origin of the social or cultural orientation that drives the thinking.

Fundamental Beliefs of the Universal Zulu Nation

1] The Universal Zulu Nation teaches that there is only one God, who has many names – “Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh, Elohim, Jah, God, The Most-High, The Creator, The Supreme One.” It states that its “Amazulus” never clash with or put other persons to death “over which proper name to call God.” Therefore as a creed of Hip Hop, they encourage tolerance for every name of God as that name refers to the same God. The Universal Zulu Nation differ from the Five Percenters who teach that every man or woman is in him or herself his or her own god. The Nation teaches that “God will come to be seen to the human eye and will straighten out the problems that Human Beings brought upon this planet so-called Earth.”

2] The Universal Zulu Nation teaches that the Bible, Qur’an, and all prophetic scriptures are holy books of the divine law.

3] That the someone has tampered with the Bible and therefore it could be misleading if we don’t restore it to its original form.

4] The Nation teaches that “white supremacy” is global. And it has altered most of the history in libraries, on the internet or in textbooks. That in fact, they have filled the history books with “fallacious” stories. Therefore we must destroy such books and replace them with “facts of what every race has contributed to the civilization of Human Beings.”

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5] It teaches that “truth is the truth” no matter if it’s good or bad. Once we can back an with fact, then the ever-skeptical “Amazulu” must bear witness. We must tell the truth in when we write history.

Knowledge & Truth

6] The Nation teaches that all religion must be based on fact and must promote freedom, justice, and equality for all living things. That faith should “uplift” its believers rather than burden them with psychological indebtedness that enslaves the follower to obey its doctrine without the full perspective of what it really means.

7] That “white supremacy” has infected and ruled the world by racism and hate. And only a belief in God and truth can cure it. Say no to all forms of racism!

8] The Universal Zulu Nation teaches that humans have contaminated the earth and space. That humans have “caused harm” to wildlife, sea life and that of the birds in the air. That the water, land, and space are all contaminated, and all such harm and contamination must be rectified. We should take better care of the earth.

9] Similar to the Five Percenters theory of the “knowledge of self”, the Universal Zulu Nation teaches that many are blind, deaf and dumb to “the knowledge of self and others” hence those with the right knowledge must teach others to cause what is known as the “mental resurrection of the dead”. Inspire positive dreams.

Art & Equality

10] Again the Five Percenters theory of Supreme Mathematics is pinched from when the Nation teachers that all life, creation or existence are based on mathematics. Everything is based on numbers.

11] That knowledge is as infinite as eternity, and the power of one’s mind enables them to see what is unseen.

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That all living things deserve justice regardless if they believe in God or not.”

12] That all living things deserve justice regardless if they believe in God or not.

13] The Nation teaches that its “Amazulus” are a people of peace that respect those who respect them and are at peace with those who are at peace with them. When attacked the “Amazulu” must defend his or herself in one of the many names of God.

14] The Nation also teaches that power is obsolete and “education in truth,” “freedom,” “justice” and “equality” can only uplift a person into a higher state of being. The power of choice.



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