Universal Zulu Nation – Pt. 5


15] “The Universal Zulu Nation Stands Strong and firm on these basic elements of life, and that are:

1) Knowledge: to know everything that is anything in this world, or beyond this world in the Supernatural World, or Universe, or in God Almighty Him/She/Whatever self. Knowledge is infinite.

2) Wisdom: to be wise in my ways and actions and to always strive to pass good judgment to others who will listen, and always ask questions if they do not understand, to analyze what they absorb as Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding, to teach others my understanding or opinion of the Knowledge and Wisdom I have received.

3) Understanding: To Understand to the best of my Knowledge everything that is anything taught to me, whether it is a Human (teacher) who teaches me, or whether it is Nature itself that teaches me. We must try to understand.

4) Freedom: To be free in mind, free in Knowledge or in seeking Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding anywhere in the Universe. Free to be in control of my own destiny. Free to be a thinker, not a Zombie or Slave. Free to love, like, or Hate what has been done unjustly to Humans throughout the history of time. Free to be Free–Real Freedom.

5) Justice: to have justice, for where there is no justice, there will never be any Peace.

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6) Equality: to be equal under the Universal Law of God.

7) Peace: Peace with self and others. Peace of mind. Peace of no noise, sometimes. Peace of no wars, hate or dislikes. Peace of no crime, killing, or destruction. Real Peace.

8) Unity: To be unified with self and others. To be unified with those who want real Peace, who hates disunity, who fights against those who do not want Unity in the World. Under White Supremacy, Unity among People of Color was totally destroyed. Each Race must have Unity with itself before it could have unity with others on issues which both agree upon.

9) Love: To love me and not to be looked at as an inferior person or Human Being. To love God and all he has created in this Universe, to love my everyday existence (being alive) on this planet so-called Earth.

10) Respect: To be respected as a Man or Woman or Human Being. To respect those who respect me. Not to be used as a chump, punk, inferior person or persons. To respect life wherever it is and if I have to kill anything in life, then to always say “in His name”: Allah, Jah, Yahweh, God, because I took a life of any sort.

11) Work: To work hard to succeed in life: To work to raise myself or family so that they can deal with a system that is based on money. To work in being Positive and not negative, but especially not to work for anyone as a slave or zombie. We, as Amazulu, will love death before we will become a slave or zombie to other Human Beings.

12) Fun: After work, times, and things seem to be O.K., it is time to release some stress; we must have fun. Fun is to laugh, joke, sometimes too childlike, but to always keep a right mind of what we are doing to have fun. Fun is enjoyment, it feels good and should never be used intentionally to do evil against someone or something.

13) We, as Amazulu, must always recognize in ourselves our lower negative evil (SATAN) selves and we must always try to overcome our negative self with our positive, upper level, high spirits, good (GOD) selves.

14) Economics: While we are in a world that deals with money, we, as Amazulu, must find ways for us to build a strong economic base so that we can get some of the goods which come from having money in a money-system world.

But be aware, or else the secret societies (The Rich And Powerful/New World Order), who have secret agendas to get rid of money and to control the world with all types of debts, by creating a credit card (credit) banking system.

These bloodsuckers want to rule all the world and to put 90% of the people in slavery and confusion, to have a Police world and for the 10% to be the rulers of this New World Order, to rid people of their thoughts of believing in God Almighty.

They, the 10%, want to set up a Satanic (the Evil Ones) World. They want Hell on Planet Earth as if we don’t already have this Hell on Planet so-called Earth.

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15) Mathematics: Everything in life is based on math (numbers). God’s whole Universe is based on mathematics.

16) Science: If it were not for science and scientists, then we, as Humans, could have not fought against so many deadly diseases that harm us, because it is they who find cures to rid us of these diseases. Science helps you to get rid of Mysteries of the unknown. What was unknown is now known because of science. Science, when studying a situation for a period of time, brings truth to what might have been an unreal, non-existent situation to the Human mind before.

17) Life: Life is what The All Supreme One ( The Creator God) has given to all things in the Universe. Life is the Sun, Moon, Stars, Planets, Creatures, Time, Humans, Animals, Air, Wind, Fire, Rocks, Gases, Thoughts, and etc.

18) Truth: Truth is the opposite of what has been told, taught, and thought to be lies (falsehood). The truth is the base of Knowledge itself. Hate is the base of lies themselves. Always stand on Truth. The truth is Truth.

19) Facts: To tell a fact is to bear witness to the truth. The fact is when all beliefs disappear and truth is manifest to be known.

20) Faith: Faith is to have belief in the Supreme One God or Devil, Spirits or Angels. Faith is to have religion in what is good to bad (evil). Faith is to believe in a person or to give them a chance. Faith is destiny.

21) The Oneness Of God: To know that Allah, Jehovah, Jah, Yahweh, Elohim, The High Priest, The Creator, The Wise, God names for the same one God or Supreme One who is called by many different names by Humans all over this so-called Earth. God is not to be confused with Prophets or any Human Being beside God. God is the Lord of all The Worlds.

God is you and me which we see every day but is also of the unseen which we are still seeking to know. The Supreme One God shall, when He/ She/ Whatever/ The Force is ready, let himself be known on a mass level for all Humans to see. Humans and Amazulu, especially, should not go crazy in trying to seek where God is living or hanging out at, because it could lead to an everlasting, infinite story.

All Preachers and Teachers and even some prophets claim to have sat, walked, talked, and seen the true living God. Who knows?, but we do care to know if these people have actually seen, walked, talked, or sat with the Lord of All The Worlds. But until God decides that He will let the whole World or Universe see Him with their eyes, we must not get crazy with ourselves over not seeing Him for who He/ She/ Whatever is.

We must learn to live with each other, destroy Hate and Racism, save ourselves and Planet Earth as well as anything in the Universe that the Creator has given us the privilege to see. We must get on with life on so-called Planet Earth. Remember there will be a time a judgment from God. When? In truth, only He knows. It could be today, tomorrow, thousands, or millions of years from now. God will surely let you know. Live your life wisely and not foolishly.” *

– The beliefs of the Amazulu as seen on the official website of

The Universal Zulu Nation

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