Voting Blindly in the 2020 US Presidential Election

At the end of October 2020, even two weeks before the election, independents are still unclear about the exact policies Joe Biden intends to implement if he wins. What will the Biden administration do? What does “too far left” mean? Some say they will take our free speech away. They will defund the police and increase taxes by up to 62% for those who make more than $ 400,000 a year. They haven’t terminated Plan Parenthood. Democrats have also not explained their position on issues such as newer sexual preferences, the role of children in gender identity, or unpredictable waves of feminism. Biden is also 78 years old.

I can stand behind that. Their healthcare plan is amazing!

Will an independent always ask if there is a downside to removing the electorate? What about relying on executive mandates to implement policies that were never revealed during the election? We already know what Donald Trump and the Republicans have to offer. Trump and Pence often hold large rallies outlining their 2020 to-do-list. Democrats say their first grail is to oust President Trump. Then they bring up the Economy. There they emphasize the elimination of tax loopholes and tax cuts for the rich. Joe Biden has also paid close attention to Gun Control. Republicans consider it a violation of the second amendment.

If you are not a Democrat, you would understand their gun law explanation as a modification of the second amendment. They claim they are taking “weapons of war” from legal gun owners. Basically, these are their two questionable issues – tax increase and the second amendment. In this election, healthcare is also a huge topic for Democrats. The 78-year-old presidential candidate wants the nation to depend on Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Bill and make it “accessible.” This includes lowering drug prices, discarding “surprised medical bills” and keeping rural hospitals open. I can stand behind that. Their healthcare plan is amazing!

On foreign policy, Biden said he will not “coddle” dictators. He wants to rid the world of President Trump’s “America first” attitude, nuclear proliferation, global warming, and things of that nature. He also stressed Immigration reform where he said the plan is favorable to asylum seekers. Will the Democrats let more immigrants into the country? I’m not sure. They have pointed out the situation. In terms of education, their main attraction is community colleges without tuition. There are many gray areas here. Should government universities be free? Or is it better if the government lowers the costs? Fund Charter Schools or nah?

I want to hear EVERYTHING not just a highlight on a few generic topics.

The US ranks first in the world for the quality of our universities. We rank 98th in “basic quality education.” Global educational institutions do not recognize the G.E.D. or associate’s degree. The potency of education in U.S. elementary, middle, and high schools, plus community colleges is equivalent to that of Uzbekistan and Mongolia. Moreover, if you have a G.E.D. and an associate’s degree, in the rest of the free world, you are a high school dropout. Those certificates don’t translate to a high-paying career elsewhere in the world. And in addition to all that Jazz, the student’s upbringing determines 60% of their success with education.

It may be too late to get to the bottom of it all before the election, but I want to hear more. They want to change freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, and ban “destructive new technology.” I want to be sure of everything they plan to do as soon as they succeed with the election. I feel the affordable healthcare, as well as the free community or state-run college scheme. As for the rest, I don’t care much. The Dems would be more exciting if they explained all of their policies in much detail. I want to hear EVERYTHING, not just a highlight on some generic topics. However, I’m not going to lie, their platform sounds excellent to me.

Believe it or not, Republicans have an equally competitive mandapam. Sure, if the Democrats win, life will progress without a hitch. Their most cringy permute has to do with newer sexual preferences, the gender identity of children, the diminishing influence of religion, heterosexual culture bias, the introduction of new waves of feminism, and so on. They will probably also do something to help the immigrants while abandoning the “America first” attitude. Their problem is that everyone knows their undisclosed agenda. With that said, the Republicans have a very attractive counteroffer which is opposite to what I mentioned. 

The key component is the family structure. Children who have parents in prison, or those who grow up in single-parent homes. And another majority that live in dysfunctional households…

Would it be inappropriate to say that social media is the perfect soapbox to lose our constitutional rights? Saying or posting the “wrong” thing is the fastest way to attract disrespect, prejudice, expulsion, job loss, business cancellation, or even assault. Some people use social media to mobilize support to force politicians to take our rights away. But then there’s the “Lift Every Voice” – Joe Biden’s plan for Black America. It goes beyond Immigration to focus on specific African American concerns. For that plan to work, it must resolve long-term issues of financial disenfranchisement and judicial injustice. What about the “Platinum Plan”?

If you are a Republican, you blame poor family structure, poor living conditions, and harsh neighborhoods for the economic problems in America. That is because these circumstances are directly connected to the wealth gap in the country. You will make a connection between family values ​​and success. The key element is the family structure. Children who have parents in prison or those who grow up in single-parent homes. And another majority living in dysfunctional households where one or both parents abuse a variety of illegal substances. That is probably why a Republican would be against “Net Neutrality Rules.”

Children become adults. A two-parent, double-income family is shown to have a significant impact on a child’s success. Many statistics show a high number of early cohabited or married couples. Those inexperienced lovebirds later breakup. When they do, their child grows up in either a dysfunctional arrangement or a single-parent home. Thankfully, the divorce rate has gone down in the last few years. However, it is still high. Some of the reasons why couples break up are infidelity, career distractions, peer pressure from our community, financial irresponsibility, dishonesty, and over engagement on social media. 

The Republicans believe the United States should invest in its military and change or challenge all outdated international alliances. It advocates for trade tariffs on Chinese goods.

There are also widespread negative influences from pop culture, radical feminism, discontinuation of traditional cultures, and MGTOW. We shouldn’t expose early teens to premarital or unprotected sex. There should be a stigma on premarital cohabitation. No to bad relationship advice or poor moral values. It shouldn’t be normal to co and re-cohabitate. You may ask what does all that have to do with the GOP? The Grand Old Party believes God and family are the true fabric of society. It also probably means the federal government should mandate paid family and medical leave plus universal childcare for all Americans.

The Republican yardstick translates to love for the country and personal accountability. Instead of welfare, get employment, an income tax cut, or tax credits if you own a company. Republicans insist that racism exists but it’s NOT a systemic problem. President Trump has promised 10 million jobs in 10 months. He will create one million new small businesses. Biden wants to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. When it comes to healthcare the Republican ticket hopes to replace President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Their stated goal is to also lower drug prices by allowing imports of cheaper brands from abroad.*

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