When Jada Cheated, It’s Like She Burned Me, my Homie, and My Baby Brothers

Jada, Jada, Jada. I knew all that Red Table Talk was a cry for help. And August Alsina said Will Smith gave permission? What king puts a ring on it, holds it down for twenty-something years, and then provides some kid with permission to smash his queen? I do not believe that for one second. The absurd part is Jada had already caused this havoc when she was calling Snoop Dogg out for checking Gayle King. After all that talk, Gayle, and Jada have not apologized to the public for what they did. That’s wrong. If you’re a man out there and you still can’t speak womanese, then all I have to say is okay, playa. You better guzzle your red pill and learn that foreign language. Make no mistake; it is real in the field. Feminism has got wives boldly lying and cheating out here.

I will not waste too much time fooling around with this story, but just for the sake of humor, I will make a few “womanese” interpretations. Just for shits and giggles. In this video, Jada says August was very sick, and she was trying to help him “heal.” The wife and mother of two also wanted to “feel good” because she hadn’t felt good in a “long time.” The 48 years old radical feminist and Red Table Talk host, also gave the excuse that through that “journey” she was able to “learn a lot” about herself and to “confront” her emotional immaturity. She was “really” able to do some “really DEEP healing.” Remember, in the beginning. She started by telling her husband that her affair started from her trying to help August to heal because he was really sick.

But halfway through her confession, she speaks about her “really deep healing.” She switched places with August and became the patient while remaining the expert. Jada was speaking advanced womanese in that video. Will Smith appeared to be disappointed, nodding his head like, sure, she’s lying pathologically. Let’s just get this over with. August was very sick = he and not she was madly in love. She “helped” him to get over it by welcoming him into her private space. [He had the problem. Not her.] Hadn’t felt good in a “long time.” = Will Smith stopped smashing? No dates or romance? Lonely nights? What else was missing? “Confront” her emotional immaturity = wanted to feel like a kid again? Maybe? Go back to the playful days. Puppy love?

Back to the real shit. It looks like Freddy Will Hope Foundation has some more buckling up to do. This time we have Coronavirus and flash floods in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Able to do some “really DEEP healing” = hmmm. That must have felt good. Oh, and “Entanglement” = Hot and steamy love affair. She put that grown woman business on that boy, and he swooned. Anyway. Enough of the clowning, ya’ll know we love Will Smith and Jada. Many are called, but few are chosen. I like how they like to talk about their tainted version of the past. Like, you used to cry when you were a baby. Well damn, isn’t that why they call it a baby? Back to the real shit. It looks like Freddy Will Hope Foundation has some more buckling up to do. This time we have Coronavirus and flash floods in Freetown, Sierra Leone. May God have mercy on our people. We are currently monitoring the situation. That is just an early warning.

The problem here is not just if the mentee wants a female mentor. There is also arrogance when one assumes that simply because someone behaves casually or cordial, that means they want to sleep with them. But, is it totally wrong for a younger mentee to have a crush on their older mentor? Then again, when you reverse the sexes, justified misandry takes hold. The assumption of attraction is the elephant in the room. How do you mentor someone that way? In Jada’s case, as the expert in the room, she was the one who needed relief. She was more incautious than her mentee or patient? The fact that she is married seemed to come way after the reality. Is being faithful to a radical feminist spouse worth the sacrifice? I’ll let you tell it.*

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