Why A$AP Rocky Faces Inhumane Conditions in Sweden

Generally speaking, a lot of racist people can’t fight. Few of them can brawl, but the rest is soft as a grape. Some didn’t practice many sports in school, know little about street fighting, and have never held a gun. Many are like children, compared to us. But because they are Caucasian, the racists may believe themselves to be superior over people from minority cultures. Many of these people go to sleep at 10 pm, and they wear earplugs to bed. When they see a black person, they think you’re from Africa and to them, being African is inferior. So if you’re from the motherland, you should kiss their ass. That’s until they run into an African American who hands their ass to them.

Besides the video footage that’s floating around, I don’t know the particulars of the A$AP Rocky matter. If I were to make a guess, I’d say the Swedish are abusing him because he’s a black person who beat up a white guy. In Sweden, the Caucasians expect the system to work better for them. However, not the same for a black person. Apparently, A$AP’s accusers knew that. They saw these confident black men walking in their streets, and racism drove them to disturb the peace. A confident black man whose balls have dropped and takes no shit from any Caucasian is an unicon in Sweden. Hence, my guess is when the attackers saw A$AP, they saw a mark.

His fame and confidence meant nothing to them. In my opinion, Rocky’s assailants wanted this incident to happen.”

However, instead of being timid, the fearless A$AP was annoyed. He’d warned them to stop a few times. The assailants were aware of the racial prejudice in their system. They knew if A$AP retaliated, the court would not impart justice. These guys are as soft as a pillow they couldn’t sustain a street brawl, but they are also criminals. These perpetrators depended on the systemic bias to give them the edge they needed. The bigots knew the policy would back them up. The Swedish officials may deny this claim, but many Swedes speak of racial partisanships in Sweden. All one has to do is search the internet, and they will find many reports of growing animosities against foreigners in the Scandinavian country.

Don’t get me wrong; the foreigners can conquer the racists. The black people can rip the racist’s butthole out of place. The only reason why many foreigners don’t fight back is that the officials may threaten their immigration status. This alien may have traveled a long way, seeking education or employment. He or she may have family back home who depend on them for financial support. Therefore, he understands that the system is not designed for him. When he or she faces racism, she or he bows out of the fray, knowing that he or she has to stay focused on their purpose. The racist sees that as fear, or them winning the argument but the African lets them win so that he or she can get on with his or her business.

Accordingly, there is a normalization of silence where the racists get away with being prejudiced. For the foreigner, it’s not worth the fight. Racism is in its early stages in Sweden. Below is a story of how the Afro-Swedes and the Afro-Scandinavians encounter it consistently. That is what many North Americans need to know. Just because you’re an America, you stand to be HATED. That’s the starting point – the disrespect and objection that the bigot feels toward you, primarily because you’re an American. Then if you turn out to be black on top of that, it makes the animosity ten times more dangerous. They also have no respect for our ambassador or our embassy.

This alien may have traveled a long way, seeking education or employment. He or she may have family back home who depend on them for financial support.”

The racists consider blacks to be secondary to them. When you face intolerance out here, it’s like everyone is antiblack. Only a few people are not racist. Those none racist people expect you to suck it up. Thus, if a bigot was messing with you, anyone who you call to end, it may advise you in the bigot’s favor. Those who sympathize with you will expect you to take it because that’s how it is. If you fight back thinking you have a right to defend your respect or integrity, suddenly the system throws their laws at you, NOT the racist. I’d still say kick his ass but don’t expect to go free after that. In fact, in some cases, what you may consider as racism is not the same to them.

From their perspective, the action may be justified. You’re a foreigner, you’re black, and the bigot might be a citizen who the law protects. That citizen speaks the local language, understands the culture, and has family and friends who support them. And that’s even if they did something to a black person. They don’t have 911, they have another number, and when you call it, the cops might not show up right away. The sexual age of consent is 14, 16, or 18 years of age in some of these countries. The women are loose, but can also cry rape after you sleep with them. You’re better off with a prostitute, but a prostitute might refuse to go with you if you’re black.

There is a hornet’s nest of racism in Europe which has not been disturbed. That is noticeably why the United Nations does nothing about racism in these parts of the world. President Trump is wrong in many respects, but when it comes the part where America should stop giving free money, he is right. We protect and provide for a lot of countries. Most times, they don’t appreciate our sacrifice even when they receive free money or business opportunities. Many people hate our guts while we’re giving them all that. And yes, Canada, they hate you too. This new wave of nationalism, coupled with racism affects every foreigner who is not Caucasian with the emphasis on Muslims and Africans.

Honestly, I didn’t follow A$AP before this. I’m still hooked on 90s Hip Hop. Most times, I don’t enjoy the tempo, message, or style that is popular right now. I won’t know where A$AP stands on black issues. I’ve caught one or two of his songs on the internet and read an article here and there but haven’t paid too much attention. Rocky’s misfortune may have started this conversation, but I’m speaking with a broader viewpoint. My comments are from my own experience in Europe where in some places they say no blacks allowed or a white person might expect you to move out of the street so he can pass. I know about the pickpockets and scammers who pester us even after we’ve cautioned or warned them.*


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