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    Never Ignoring the Original Truth

    Ladies, this chapter is for you. We’ve gone as far as resorting to the conclusion that genuine men either don’t exist or are very rare to find. Now it’s your turn to define a real woman. Are there many wifely women left in western societies? Is a traditional wife challenging to find? In a world of “liberated” females, is it worth asking, if men should hold women accountable for their words, decisions, and actions? This topic is not for women who are not looking for romance or family, who already have a family or are among the few who can get and keep an exclusive boyfriend or husband.

    This part is not for the lady who is not trying to live by tradition. I suggested it for those hopeless romantic, sensual, somewhat innocent women who are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to have a husband. The ones who know they deserve a successful marriage and a great family. This chapter is for the lonely, divorced, the heartbroken, lover, the young or mature who comprehend that she possesses the aptitude to have and upkeep a man. One who does not have an adverse mental reservation with her future husband before she meets him. This part is for the women who step to the plate and take responsibility for their decision and action.

    I suggested it for those hopeless romantic, sensual, somewhat innocent women who are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to have a husband.”

    If she cannot find an honest spouse, no matter how cute, distinct, or unique she seems to be; this discussion can be an inspiration for her. Everyone seems to know what a man’s responsibility is. A sincere man should never cheat. A genuine man treats women with respect, he has a great career and takes care of her and her children. He works hard and always remembers to be chivalrous. He puts “a ring on it,” and if she runs off with the gardener, he pays alimony and child support faithfully. Real man this and that. Is it that there are no real men left? Or have more women become full of cow shit? The myth is, most men are doing something wrong. That’s why I ask, are women doing everything right? If your answer is no, then should we hold females accountable for what they do wrong?

    Everyone seems to know what a man’s responsibility is.”

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    Ladies, let’s have this discussion. Don’t take it the wrong way. Instead, use it for your private evaluation. How is your sense of finding a sincere guy? How come most of the men you rendezvous with, want to run off with another woman and then run off with another woman on that woman? Is it always his fault? Do you take any responsibility? If he’s not married, he has another girlfriend. If not, the question of whether your potential relationship will end in marriage is typically out of your hands. I think it’s laziness when we do nothing to improve ourselves when we blame others. Whenever there is a breakup, both parties share the blame.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but do many women say they won’t settle for the crazy man? These same women used to pray a husband. But after years of watching movies, Talk Shows, Reality TV, male bashing media, listening to songs and reading materials that give ungodly relationship advice, many women began to repeat the man-hating ideals that they saw or heard on those programs. Abruptly, only a few men were good enough. Suddenly, a woman’s dream went from wanting a husband and a family to complaining about family traditions and opting to be single mothers.

    There are thousands of quotes about “strong woman” who DO NOT need a man anymore. Or what an independent woman shouldn’t tolerate from any “man.” And yet under this sentiment of equality, there is nothing that denotes what a single man should or should not tolerate from a professionally active or financially independent woman. What’s wrong with this picture? Why is this message of self-confidence one-sided?

    If you must, for what will you settle? A partner with some flaws or remaining single? Will you ever decide? What will you do to improve your chances of meeting and marrying a genuine partner? Should the relationship work, are there any fixed responsibilities on your part? A female friend once told me that single women have given up “trying” to find the right man. According to her, the reason is that those individual women believe sincere men do not exist. Except for every week, many of these single women unwittingly turn down the interest of a great guy.

    after years of watching Talk Shows, Reality TV, male bashing media, listening to songs and reading materials that give ungodly relationship advice, many women began to repeat the man-hating ideals that they saw or heard on those programs.”

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    I will focus my attention on North America, Europe, and Australia since they are the cultures that have deviated from ancient family tradition. These societies have rearranged the time old structure of how a husband finds a wife or the responsibilities of a good wife. These communities also have the highest divorce rate as well as the most substantial number of single unmarried women raising children in the absence of the father. Is this some coincidence? Perhaps when we analyze this bias, truthfully we will arrive at an exciting conclusion.

    Ask any woman today, if she should marry the man of your dreams, how would they meet? The law of supply asserts that the higher the amount, the lower the quantity demanded. If we apply this to the dating world, it would be necessary for single women to note why great husbands are harder to find than good wives are. For instance, it’s not the wife who should be doing the finding. Preferably as a dame, she should be doing the preparing. So she is discovered by the right groom.

    Before we continue, let me reiterate that this discussion is not meant to cast blame or judge women. It’s an educative dialogue on the responsibility of finding and keeping true love. The goal is to spark in women (especially those in the West), a new opinion that increases their prospects or helps them take responsibility for their decision. I know, it’s not fair that where a relationship is concerned men can find what they want when women can barely see one good man. And it’s important also to note that women deserve better options to choose.

    Look at it this way, after a breakup, active men have a higher chance of meeting and dating a real woman than the sincere woman has of replacing a dynamic man. For one, in the majority of countries, there is a higher population of women compared to men. Yes, various women are breathtaking, sexy, independent, etc. Some are even sophisticated. Many of those women are very intelligent, pleasant and reliable. All of them are special! However, these are NOT the only qualities that determine how sincere men choose their romantic partner.

    You can get 100 Likes and Comments on Facebook with one photo
    but that does not mean you are wife material? It’s your voice, your body language, your style, your availability and your consciousness that makes you “wifeable.”

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    The question becomes, what makes women truly beautiful? Is it their outward appearance, intelligence, or character? A beautiful woman can get 100 Facebook Likes and Comments on each of her photos, but that does not mean every man who liked the picture is willing to put up with her. Is it her opinions, her countenance, her behavior, her availability, or her consciousness that makes her “wifely?” Is it her upbringing or mentality? When we approach this subject from this perspective, it brings us to the notion of responsibility. Men will always rate a woman’s beauty in the short run. And men measure a woman’s character combined with her charm and determines her worth by those two attributes.

    If she can get one hundred phone numbers from one hundred different men, but none of those men end up being the right one for her. Is it that all hundred guys are at fault or did she have a part to play in the mismatch? Say it’s the men’s fault and hope for luck with the next guy or accept some responsibility and become proactive in your discipline. The question remains if intelligence, beauty, or character are not all then what’s missing? Responsible thoughts and actions?

    Let’s assume that love is not the plight. Sparks fly quickly, and romance comes from the moon. She can meet a man, like him, and he loves her. Still, life must go on. We need to pay bills, put food on the plate and afford the requirements of being. In the past, it was the man’s responsibility to work, pay bills and provide security for his women. In return, the woman kept the household and raised the children. These duties were the exchange that made it worthwhile to build and maintain a family.

    Women have earned the right to be today’s hunters. Quite frankly women don’t even have to wait around for a man to show up because she can simply run to the grocery store and buy food.

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    In return the woman’s responsibility was to care for the home and raise the children.

    Today, for whatever reason, our government and media have made a calculated effort to change the old medium of exchange between a man and a woman, The one that made it worthwhile for men to see marriage and a family. What are the new qualities, in this time and space, to look for in a partner? Now, we live in an age where physical strength earns far less than knowledge. Western legislators have passed laws that make it almost impossible for the average man to invent something.

    Today, our corporations working in collaboration with the media and lawmakers have turned their focus to technology. Now they hire a majority of women knowing that they are increasingly better at working with technology. Therefore, they crush or limit the original nature of men. Their employed spouses become the breadwinner.

    In the West, today’s women don’t have to wait for a man to bring food because they can run to the grocery store and get their own. Today’s western women do not a partner who protest them because they can call the police, fire department or ambulance. Naturally, if you do not need a hunter or protector then why should you be obligated to perform a traditional role that coincided with cleaning, cooking, raising children as a stay at home mom.

    In other words, technology has eliminated the man’s fundamental importance? It has freed women up to live independently without needing a man. But in doing so, it has also hindered the exchange that makes it worthwhile for a man to desire a wife or a family. This shift in the relationship paradigm has altered the entire relationship process. But the way one person loves another has not changed.

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    A man has to have something else to offer beside the usual food, protection, cloth and shelter as women offer more than cooking, cleaning and caring for babies.

    Imagine having to work your whole life to provide for your wife and family, but instead of appreciation, your family is ungrateful. They state that without your effort they could have fended for themselves. They express to you that they do not care to uphold the traditions anymore. Instead, they have other choices that do not include you. In all this, they show no remorse for the impact that their shift in behavior will have on all families in the future.

    Imagine a household where the children appreciate their mother more than their father. Is it logical for men to demand that the courts reverse alimony laws since more men are underappreciated? These illustrations shed a glimmer of light on how challenging the male/female family dimension has changed in this century. Does it sound right that we change the traditional structure put in place by our ancestors? No.

    A 21st-century man must have something else to offer besides the usual food, shelter, and protection since women want to avoid the responsibility of cooking, cleaning and caring for children. Give and take, some people are still traditional, preferring these customs remain in place, but many new age thinkers frown on this tradition.

    Should society hold women accountable for their words, decisions, and actions ever bearing in mind that being female no longer exaggerate them from the relevant outcome? Some women are not ready for this. Some men will always offer their support even when they are no longer obligated to do so. But it is fair to say, the western woman’s sincere longing to be relieved of traditional obligations has also freed the western men of his responsibilities to provide, and protect them.

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    No matter how you spin it. One person furnishes this, the other addresses that …and both parties are content after receiving what the other had to offer.

    Most people believe that we should base out a romantic relationship on love rather than necessity. That if we are to make it work there must be no negotiation. No matter how we spin this idea, we will find that without these talks the relationship will be only beneficial to one partner. Both individuals should be content with what the other must offer. This rule is unconditional in all romantic relationships.

    Love is the mortar that holds the family together. When you add responsibility, you end up with a selfless team where greed, insecurity, and distrust cannot exist. Put aside the traditional customs, cultural differences, and baggage from past failed relationships. To find good men or good women in a none traditional setting means we have revised our definition of good. *


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