Studies show that wives initiate 70% of all divorces. Of course, I’m an old-school guy, so I’m still into the traditional family regardless of the risks for men. I also agree that modern-day feminists are no longer exciting to watch. A time is coming very soon when everyone will hate them. One example of “equality” from their point of view is how they ignore science and statistics. Someone created the new definition of words. They abolished the Religious doctrine and rewrote the history.

Take marriage for another example of equality. The groom pays for the majority of all wedding. He saves up and buys her dress, wedding rings, usually gold plated with an expensive diamond or precious stone on top. Then he foots the wedding bill. Most brides pay little to nothing for their wedding. When she decides on a divorce, the husband pays for his and her attorney fees. After the divorce, the ex-husband gives up his home, car, children, half of his savings and pays alimony for the rest of his or her life (a gift that keeps giving).

Does feminism intend for women to pony up on these same expenses when it tells women that they should ask men to marry them? I ask because this is key to any issues of misandry later in that marriage.

This man, her boyfriend, has to be sure that she is not going to become unhappy later. Men are fully aware that women’s moods can cost or destroy them. That is why it is he who asks the big question after the female has proven to him that she is worth all the risk. Even so, marriages are very expensive to get in or out of one. Only one person cannot bear the expense or loss. We’re not even counting his investments during the tenure of their stay together.

For women to be able to ask men to marry them, men have to trust that the women won’t flip now and then flop later. The rules should change. They should pay for the wedding, buy the rings, give half of their savings, move out of the home, not take his car, pay their legal fees, share custody of the kids, and pay a lifetime of alimony to their ex-husband. Can’t just walk up to a guy and ask him to marry you when he has everything to lose, and you don’t.

In society, men are at a disadvantage. The ancients believed that women are the weaker sex, so men compensate for that. Now that feminism says women are equal (not weaker), those disadvantages that men willingly accepted are no longer necessary. Instead, a more onerous burden is on women.*

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