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In 2006 when I slide up north to Canada, everyone was like “what?!” They knew I have talent, but I guess they underestimated my ambition and my staying power. They saw me on the streets and began to follow me around. Where I’m from, we earn our KEEP. I handle my biz. Sometimes it’s a little rough around the edges, and I’m a loose cannon, but I’ve figured out my shit. Follow me, hack my computer, track me online, try to intercept my contact with potential associates or clients, scandalize, tell the Western Union, immigration and POF to booted me off.

I know if I have a shot I gonna take it, that’s all. It don’t got anything to do with war stories,
hustling or spitting rhymes.”

Hm. I’m still here! I’m here to stay motherfucker, I’m not going anywhere! And you can’t stop me! Most people don’t realize my full potential, and I don’t blame them because I don’t know my full potential either. I know if I have a shot I gonna take it, that’s all. It doesn’t have anything to do with war stories, hustling or spitting rhymes. Besides my nigga Filthy Rich, not too many people even knew I have emcee skills. On the real, they ain’t also do that when I was at Job Corp. I made it out of two wars. For sure, I want to experience a different life.

I am finally free from extreme poverty. The whole war shit that kept coming back like a fucking deja vu is over for me. You will never know what it’s like to wake up every day not knowing where your next meal’s coming from, walking in the pouring West African rain with holes in your shoes, rags for clothes on your back, broke as hell! Sleeping in a hot ass hellhole filled with mosquitoes every Goddamn night with no electricity or running water – dead bodies on the side of the road etc. etc. For me to come from that to here? Man, fuck you! Don’t care who don’t like it. I’ma do me and survive for as long as I can.

I’m trying to show myself that I could rise above the bullshit and make my way out for good. Now I’m gonna let ya’ll know why I picked up what I picked up and why I do what I’m  doing.”

Now that’s the shit! Got me one of those kitchen jobs, at first, washing pots, earning me a few dollars, taking night classes, chilling with my doggs in Franklin, NJ, smoking blunts and drinking brews, scooping up honey from around the way. That made me feel right. I didn’t even check for haters. Don’t get me wrong, hustling on the side while trying to maintain two steady jobs was a ‘bitch’! The system kept taking me, cops kept fucking with my driver’s license all of a sudden, but it was still better than running around like the way I was back in the day.

Somewhere inside of me, I knew I was going to pick up the mic again. I just didn’t know when or where. It’s funny how some folks think they’re better than guys like me. They feel because I rep for the hood that means I’m dumb, uneducated or without a set of “good morals.” Dumb-asses! A lot of dudes try to get in the streets to prove that they’re hard, but I’m like fuck that, it is what it’s gone be. I’m trying to show I can do positive things in life. I’ve already been through the bullshit. I know what’s down that road cause I’ve been there, shit, I’ve lived there.

I’m trying to show myself that I could rise above the bullshit and make my way out for good. Now I’m gonna let ya’ll know why I picked up what I picked up and why I do what I’m doing. I’m gonna tell my story. I’m gonna put out movies about life in Africa type shit and relate that to this part of the world, real life shit I’ve seen and been through because I was surprised when some people didn’t know about Liberia or Sierra Leone or Guinea. They ain’t even know what had happened out there until that movie ‘Blood Diamonds’ came out. Now that is all they know.

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I hung out in Plainfield, Brunswick, Franklin, and Freehold and related to the struggle. Go to Newark, Jersey City and East Orange and I see what the spot is like from Paterson to Trenton. I’ve lived in PA for a lil’ while, and I was in Brooklyn for a hot second too. Maryland, VA, DC, I’ve been doing that I-95 shit for years. Been on my grind for a minute. So I’ll tell you like I tell everyone, my shit is not for everyone, especially this blog. It’s raw, it’s uncut, unedited and street. If you read it, I guarantee that there is mad knowledge to walk away with.

I’m doing it my way. You already know. There’s a war on these streets. A fight where the chaos ain’t a riot with tires burning or little 12-year-old kids running around with AKs on their backs. But I’ve seen what I’ve seen and regardless of what you might know there is a war going on out here. An information war. A battle of truth and lies. I’m a storyteller and a musician who makes melodies and spit raps to them. One day I might flip it and go corporate, but I’m on it right now, recording, promoting, writing books, blogging and taking care of my foundation. I MIGHT just start branching out into some more shit.

I’m a story teller and a musician who makes the melodies and spit raps to them.”

I’ve held down jobs and came up there. Dishwashing to security, to being a phlebotomist, a patient care tech, an accounting clerk and all that. Right now I’m an author. I use to work with all types of patients in hospitals to where I felt like the best way I could really help myself, or anyone is if I was in a position where I could drop knowledge. Now that’s what I’m about to do with this quick lil blog. Shouts out to Filthy Rich, BiteFirst, Thunder Dome, CJ, Lite it Up, First Fridays, Planet Africa, My Jersey goons, Toronto, Ottawa and my Edmonton niggaz, ya know ya’ll see selves… my Freetown mugs, Gambia. Senegal and my England crew. Stand up. I’d say more, but the pigs got super gadgets nowadays, and they play dirty so if you know you there, word up fam! ONE!!!


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