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    Never Ignoring the Original Truth

    All my life I was taught to love. I was taught to be good to none threatening people at the least and to respect God even if I don’t worship or believe in Him. Love is the core essence of my creed. Due to this, my belief is, hate never wins. I go even further and extend kindness to people who are unkind to me. This is because I believe I’m more content than anyone who has to hate. I don’t have time to remember grudges.

     They can hate, it’s their heart not mine so I don’t give a fuck… touch me
    and I’ll destroy everything they hold dear.”

    As such, I forgive people for wrong doing. My creed is simple, as long as the person doesn’t put their hands on me or someone I care about, we’re good! They can hate, it’s their heart, not mine so I don’t give a fuck… touch me and I’ll destroy everything they hold dear. My mercy has limits! In place of that last that sentence tho, I could turn the other cheek.

    Love does not make me soft nor do hate make them tough! No matter if they’re the biggest hater on the planet, they love something or someone. Love is an unavoidable emotion but hate is useless. It’s an emotion for losers, failures, weak cry babies or envious people who cannot overcome the disappointment of failure.

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    When I moved to Canada, I happened to thrive in Southern Ontario. My most immediate shock was the openness some people had towards hatred. My understanding is that those who embrace hate out here are people who actually see it as a right. They don’t have the slightest care if this is the worst emotion. One would think it’s because of witchcraft but white witchcraft is based on love and I don’t see black witchcraft being a prevalent religion here.

    I met many people who hate seeing the cross or the mention of the name of Jesus. I wondered if they knew that compared to hatred even pedophilia takes second place. I felt bad for Christians in the community since they are expected to be absolutely perfect or they’re “hypocrites”. The same happens in some parts of the States.

    …I knew proudly harbored that emotion was a walking glob of gasoline to me,
    all I had to do was toss fire and watch them burn.”

    I heard every discouraging remarks or comment. As I resisted the negative aura of stress, selfishness and open disrespect for God and religion I also used it to my advantage. I knew hate will never win. I also knew that it burns so anyone who I knew proudly harbored that emotion was a walking glob of gasoline to me, all I had to do was toss fire and watch them burn.

    I laughed my head off, watching the hatefulness around me and how it consume some people so much I could feel stress pouring out of their pores. I began to pity them thinking maybe someone like the teachers I had never reached them. I’ve survived hate by forgiving and moving on. *

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