A Discussion about What it’s Like to be Black in Germany

African people are expressing similar concerns in Europe as they are in other parts of the world. Showing that racism is systemic on a global basis. It’s not just a few white people who are ignorant of blacks and immigrants. It’s a systemic fabrication that a Caucasian-dominated society has deeply entrenched in the culture of the world. Not to overlook the racism in North and South Africa, xenophobia and racism are in just about any country outside of Africa. This system is where their stereotypes come from, not necessarily the behavior of blacks and immigrants.

It’s the classification that they’ve given us regardless of who we are. And this is why every time black people do something to undo that classification, a racist reignites the flames. They always reinforce the understanding of that low rating they have for blacks and immigrants. So if a black person becomes too influential or overly accomplished, they undo his or her accomplishments. To remind their followers that they are still under the racial classification. The issue with racism is that we only look at it from an African American perspective. When there are black people from other communities around who live in the same situation.

Not Fitting In

Accordingly, if Barack Obama becomes president, the racist faction that is responsible for keeping black people marginalized, commands their foot soldiers, guards, or police as we know them today, to go out and murder innocent black people randomly. Then they mascarade the killing on television and social media so the world can see that when that black victim receives no justice, it shows that their value did not increase when Obama became president. Obama is the president, but you are still a nigga, nigga.

And in every country, from Japan to China, throughout Europe to Australia, the United States to the Middle East, whenever a black person or an immigrant does not fit the prescribed classification of that race, there are systemic roadblocks in place to reduce that person to nothing. This is a conversation that we as black people need to have. First of all, African Americans are not the only black people outside of Africa. There are Afro Europeans, there Afro-Latinas, and it breaks down into many categories. For example, 90% of Europe exploited black people as slaves.

The black guy in the Netherlands and the one in Canada are from the same place as the black people from Asia or Latin America. Like the brother was saying, the slave traders dropped our ancestors off at different locations because they were exploiting us wherever they saw fit. That does not make us different it just means we come from various plantations.*


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