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    The sunglasses wearing Virginia Slim damsel who blows her smoke ever so sexy,…”

    In most places where I’ve been people start smoking because it’s sort of the cool thing to do. Once they start, they get hooked and carry on “being cool”. They lean on walls, walk with a strut, dance, and flick and puff their smoke with chic. I’ve seen many interesting kinds of smokers in my day. I’ve even been known to bum a smoke or two after a couple of stiff drinks.

    The sunglasses wearing Virginia Slim damsel who blows her smoke ever so sexy, the nonchalant redneck who sweet talks his neighbor’s wife while a lit cigarette dangles off his lips, the multi-tasking freelance roofer who smokes without using his hands, that talkative salesman who gesticulates outside by the garbage disposal with a lit cigarette between his finger, who never seems to flick that long ashes as it burns down to his finger, the pant sagging homie with the extra cigarette behind his ear, the skateboard pinch smoker, that stressed-out soccer mom who lights one up while complaining about the smoke pouring out her nose and mouth, the toothless bystander with that last cigarette in his chest pocket, the one with the unlit cigarette in his mouth who’s patting himself down because he don’t remember where he left his lighter, the badass in a cloud of smoke… you get the point.

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    I’ve definitely seen a few smokers in my day. Funnily, I’ve never seen any of these kinds of smokers in Canada. Canadian smokers seem to be very much “to the point” about their nicotine. They pull out a well-conserved pack; slide out a cigarette and smoke it ever so properly. It’s almost as if they were taught to. No crunched up packs, no lit cigarette burning off the lip, no pose or strut, nothing.

    One might walk away with your lighter but you won’t find em blowing smoke rings in the air. The ever appropriate Canadian seems to be content with just smoking his or her cigarette calmly or quietly and moving on with their daily activity of life. I’ve noticed that guys in Canada only smoke Canadian brands of cigarettes also. No fancy brands, maybe a cigar but nothing too stylish.

    I noticed in the States, for instance, the “white boy” frowned on other smokers who didn’t smoke Marlboro. As a smoker, if you wanted to hang with the other “cool” smokers, go with Marlboro, Carmel, Lucky Strike Virginia Slim, Newport or Kool. Do I even need to say smoking is bad for you? That it causes lung cancer or it’s the most disgusting habit ever?!

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    The ever appropriate Canadian seems to be content with just smoking his or her cigarette calmly or quietly and moving on with their daily activity of life.”

    In Canada, I found stress smokers. Not party, happy go lucky smokers but smokers who needed to puff because their day was too eventful. I’ve never seen anyone who smokes any of the above cigarettes I just named. Here, smokers take pride smoking Canadian (yep, people love the ring of the country’s name so they put it in almost everything), Belmont, Du Maurier, Pall Mall and Parliament.

    Yes, there are other brands besides these ones. Yes, in Canada when the government says jump, people say how high and spring for the sky. But oh yes, Canadian smokers are the most resilient I’ve ever seen. These guys have to ignore the most horrifying but mandated graphic photos of cancer tumors, decaying teeth, sick babies and other nauseating depictions of related smoker’s woes on their cigarette box.

    If you’re in England, imagine going to buy a pack of 555 and finding a photo of a decomposing patient with lung cancer who has had her trachea drilled open or a not so well pregnant woman if you’re lucky. Canadian smokers are the most resilient I’ve seen since the look of that kind of photos never discourages them from buying a pack.

    I’ve known passive smokers who only smoke when they’ve had too much to drink or when a group of favored friends is out for a puff. In Canada, smoking is prohibited not only in public buildings but in some cases, 20 ft from the entrance of the building. You better believe it when I tell you that this does not stop smokers from going outside in a minus 30 degrees weather to have a smoke. As I’ve said, these are not your average Benson & Hedges or DUNHILL smokers who’re hooked from being cool when they were in high school. Very Interesting. *


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