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    When it comes to the flared up appetite of the world’s most dazzling superstars there are no restrictions to control their cravings and indulgence.”

    Most people hear “Hollywood,” and the first thing that comes to mind is Californian rock stars living glamorous lives with successful careers. An entertainer’s heaven, the ultimate sanctum where once a talent succeeds, their fame becomes undeniable. The glitz, the glamorous anchorage that is crowded with a star-studded elegance, a tabloid hell with exhilarating rags and riches, covetous marriage and divorce stories wherein the American dream comes to awkward fruition. Wild after parties, extraordinary wealth, worldwide fame, adoring fans and drove off ‘yes men.’

    Based on this, with Las Vegas otherwise known as the Sin City right next door, many countries with similar diligence for entertainment have gone on to concoct similar titles that mimic Hollywood’s allure; for example; Bollywood of India and Nollywood of Nigeria. Hollywood is merely a place where movies are made. Rarely does that come to mind especially since the lifestyle which many people associate with that place is something like a poor man’s redemption? And so when someone becomes undeniably successful in this world of glamor and fame, people say they have gone ‘Hollywood.’ The appetite of Hollywood life has not only shaped Pop culture it has had a firm persuasion on high fashioned drug abuse.

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    Along with the shameless success of Hollywood comes the age-old pandemic of sexual enslavement, uncontrollable alcohol decay, and drug addiction. This often leads to catastrophe. Crack, cocaine, heroin, meth, prescription drugs, molly, bath salt, you name it. When it comes to the flared up appetite of the world’s most dazzling superstars, there are no restrictions to control their cravings and indulgence. This has generated a long list of deceased superstars. Every year or two, there is a shocking death in Hollywood that is directly linked to drug overdose or suicide. In fact, these are the causes of almost every untimely demise.

    Wild after parties, astonishing wealth, worldwide fame, adoring fans and droves of ‘yes mans.’”

    When Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll, passed away in 1977, medical examiners uncovered a disastrous combination of 14 different drugs in his system. Thirty years later in 2007 one of Hollywood’s favorite playmates, Anna Nicole Smith overdosed on a sedative which became lethal once mixed with prescription pills. What about Dana Plato, the beloved star from “Different Strokes,” the captivating 70’s TV show, who allegedly committed suicide in 1999 by overdosing on a muscle relaxant, mixed with Vicodin? Rock drummer Keith Moon’s 1978 overdose on Clomethiazole. Blame it on Hollywood doctors who prescribe illegal drugs for celebrities who can afford it or the whiny superstar who pleads for a steady supply of their favorite venom, tittering them on the edge of ruin, the fact remains, this epidemic has rocked Hollywood’s most beautiful.

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    In 1969, “Wizard of Oz” sweetheart Judy Garland succumbed to her years of abusing barbiturate Seconal, overdosed and died on the substance. Four years earlier the all but almost forgotten, Dorothy Dandridge who was the first black woman to be nominated for a Best-Actress Oscar award, had also overdosed and died on antidepressants. And this was the world’s most famous actress and sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe overdosed and died on the same drug.

    Each time, each sudden death sends a shock wave through the world. Another celebrity is popping their pill of choice or over ingesting alcohol and drugs or both as if no one ever overdosed on it before. Have we already forgotten Chris Farley’s 1997 cocaine overdose? What about Curt Cobain? Is it the pressures of fame when an entertainer who has reached his or her peak still strives for continued accomplishments or is there a Hollywood boogie man who returns for his pound of flesh?

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    From Jerry Garcia to Jimi Hendrix, Brad Renfro, from the movie “The Client,” to the 1980’s teen heartthrob Corey Haim. Each case of Hollywood drug overdose got people contemplating why or how come the seemingly successful superstar could conceal the dark habit until it was too late? There are those whose drug habit is a standout among the bunch, everyone almost certainly knows that they are going to fall very soon and their career is about to come to a crashing end. At first, everyone denies the allegations, then the awkward day comes when the story finally breaks in tabloids around the world. Then occurs the rehab, relapse and ultimately, the all-knowing TMZ reports the shocking tragedy – another SUPERSTAR has been found fatally overdosed somewhere with drugs or prescription pills littering about their surrounding.

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    Heath Ledger

    …wealthy New York condominiums, fast cars, big paydays, star studded red carpet appearances, a heartthrob to successful Hollywood actresses, …”

    Among the list of painful celebrity deaths, there was none like Heath Ledger. He may have had his controversies with annoying press intrusion of privacy, the junior chess champion was still an adoration. He seemed to be living the ultimate American dream. Flying across the world in pursuit of a flourishing career, wealthy New York condominiums, fast cars, big paydays, star-studded red carpet appearances, a heartthrob to successful Hollywood actresses like Heather Graham, Julia Stiles, and Michelle Williams, taking turns in calling the Australian beau their honey. One would think the last thing possible was this legendary performer being hooked on drugs. At his end, this Hollywood star who was just about to leap into the realm of movie directors was found dead from ‘an acute intoxication from prescription medications.’

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    Michael Jackson

    The clean cut saint-ish singer shocked the world when it was disclosed that he needed a sit in doctor to administer a nightly dose of Propofol intravenously so he could fall asleep.”

    We’ve all heard the story behind Michael’s homicide. From newscast to tabloid around the world, the entertainer’s larger than life King of Pop reign was reportedly shortened by an apparent drug overdose. Throughout his career, the tabloid had been merciless to the billion fan man. From the fire accident at his Pepsi commercial to his pet monkey, his nose jobs, permed hair and bleached skin to frivolous sex scandals. The respected philanthropist in court; from estimating his net worth and accusing him of going bankrupt, to declining record sales, dangling his baby over a balcony, calling him names …the press had a feast of the life and times of the most talented singer the world has ever known.

    Not much was reported about his inventions, his many philanthropic ventures around the world or having outbid Paul McCartney $47.5 million to obtain The Beatles catalog. Who wants to talk about Michael Jackson’s attempts to promote world peace and his relentless messages of love and hope? How the calm demeanor superstar handled himself with dignity. The clean-cut saint-ish singer shocked the world when it was disclosed that he needed a sit in a doctor to administer a nightly dose of Propofol intravenously so he could fall asleep. Though his death was determined to be a homicide ignited by cardiac arrest one can also say it was an overdose since a controlled substance was misused. This sad loss of the world’s most celebrated singer who died mere weeks before his sold-out final curtain call, begs for yet another reckoning of the effects of Hollywood-induced drug abuse. *

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    Whitney Houston

    As if it had never happened before or we had not heard rumors of her addiction, checking in and out of rehab, we watched her coffin in shock.”

    Michael Jackson’s ultra mega success may have overshadowed a volume of high performers but not Whitney Houston. Even as no one could compare to Jackson, there came a singer who took the world by storm while everyone was fixated on Michael Jackson. Whitney Houston wields the classic story of a small town girl’s rise to star-studded success and glory. Some say all was well until she met Bobby Brown but others insinuate she was always a bad girl with an innocent demeanor. No one can tell for sure except for the people who really knew her. All we know is in her prime Whitney Houston wowed millions with a platinum-selling voice and stellar acting performances in blockbuster epics like “The Bodyguard” and “Waiting to Exhale.”

    To have it all was an understatement for this New Jersey diva. Tragically, drugs got a hold of the gifted singer, and it never let her go. Her golden voice crackled, her gorgeous body became frail and much like everyone who went down that road her untimely death sent yet another shock wave through the world. As if it had never happened before or we had not heard rumors of her addiction, checking in and out of rehab, we watched her coffin in shock. Another preacher gave a eulogy of what was once a shining star brought down after accidentally drowning in her bathtub. The medical examiner revealed that she had used cocaine shortly before her death. There were also ‘traces of a host of prescription medications and marijuana in her system.’*

    May they all rest in peace!


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