If someone was to ask a Hip Hop head who their favorite rapper is or to name their top five (5) Emcees, it’s possible that they might not put Fabolous on that list. But if reminded I’m sure they will say he’s dope. This Emcee is one of the smoothest in the game, and like any real O.G he has been consistent with his ‘get in, get out’  code. Born to a Dominican father and an African American mother, he grew up in Brooklyn, New York where he raps with a street flava.

Nowadays, merely dropping an album is almost not enough. A rapper has to release combos. Like I did with my book and record, you will find most rappers either shooting movies or writing books in conjunction with their album. Fabolous released this hot album and movie, LOSO’s WAY, on July 28th, 2009 and it peaked at number one (#1) on the billboard 200. Like my album, While I’m Still Young – The Talking Drums 1. 2v plays a soundtrack to my new book, My Book Of Chrymes, Fab’s new album does the same thing with its accompanying DVD called, LOSO’s WAY the movie.

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The movie is a thirty-three (33) minute film about street life from his point of view. Swizz Beats, DJ Khaled, Jadakiss, Styles P, DJ Envy, Ryan Leslie and DJ Clue appeared cameo in the movie while the album spins hits like, Put It In The Bag’ – featuring The Dream and ‘Everything, Everyday, Everywhere’ – featuring Keri Hilson.

It seems with stripes earned from previous successes with his last four (4) albums and different projects with artists like Syleena Johnson and DJ Clue, Fabolous continues to be relevant in an industry where independent and mainstream artists make significant progress. It should come as no surprise that this smooth sounding Brooklyn bred Emcee would bless his fans with a fifth album that comes complete with its own movie.

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Ever since he got invited to DJ Clue’s WQHT Hot 97 show fresh out of the twelfth grade in high school, Fabolous has made the streets grow to respect his flow and his subtle influence. Then came his first record deal with Desert Storm Records and the distribution deal with Elektra Records. Before long the Brooklyn Emcee was releasing mixtapes with DJ Clue. Fabolous has set a credible track record. Not too long after that, the rest was…

If you’re a real Hip Hop head, you will remember his 2001 debut, Ghetto Fabolous, because radios would not stop playing, Can’t Deny it feat. Nate Dogg and Holla Back (Uh Uh). That album charted at number four (4) on the billboard 200 and garnered platinum. That was around the time when every real G stacked a wardrobe full of their favorite player’s basketball jersey with matching baseball hats. He followed Ghetto Fab with Street Dreams, his second music offering. Of course, that was a smash as well. Critics didn’t like the gangster element in his lyrics, but the streets loved it.

It was a success and Fab was now in play with big industry heads like Jay Z, Lil Mo, Jagged Edge, P. Diddy and some big names from Down South. His name rang as far as the west coast. This time around, fans from all genres were stumping their feet to, Can’t Let You Go’ – featuring Lil Mo and Mike Shorey and Into You’ – featuring Ashanti. Fab became known for his signature yellow gold and platinum chains, watch and bracelet. Street Dreams went gold and peaked at number three (3) on the billboard 200.

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In 2004 he delivered his third offering, Real Talk, which spurned the hit single, Breath. It reached number six (6) on the billboard and went on to earn an envied gold plaque for the F.A.B.O.L.O.U.S… He went silent for three (3) years after Real Talk, during which time 50 Cent, Young Jeezy, The Game, Pliers, Young Joc, Kanye West and Gucci Maine took the stage. Mainstream Hip Hop changed a few faces during those years. In fact, the last decade saw its share of new rappers much like in the 90’s. Only this time independent artists had some practical tools at their disposal, and they began to learn how to use the internet to their advantage.

They learned to record and release professional albums that came complete with hit singles, features and professional quality music videos. BET began airing independent music videos while significant radio stations all over America started to buzz with independent. Independent labels improved their promotional schemes and saw successful turnouts even without much support from major labels. Thanks to indie artists, the music industry transformed faster than significant numbers could adjust. Some artists such as myself (Freddy Will) saw their day in the limelight thanks to indie radio and mom and pop stores on street corners across the globe.

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From independent music outlets across the world through the internet, midst this period, in 2007, Fabolous made a return to the stage with his fourth studio album, From Nothin’ to Somethin. That album spurned off with hits like, Make You Better featuring Ne-yo and Baby Don’t Go featuring T. Pain and Jermaine Dupri. It came in at number two (2) on the billboard 200 earning Fab yet another Gold plaque. Now with LOSO’s WAY being his first album to hit at number one (1) on the charts, Fab is finally going to get bumped into that favorite Emcee list of most Hip Hop fans.*


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