Hilary Clinton, from First Lady to First Woman


To appreciate the magnitude of what it means when Hillary Clinton became the first woman to be a presumptive nominee of a major political party in the United States, one must recognize women’s professional history in relation to social responsibility. Since the beginning of time, women have always been held back and even more determined to break through the so-called “glass ceiling”. When analyzing this record, one wonders why women are not satisfied with their God-given gifts in life?

Only after ruminating on the whole picture will one ask the following question; what is each of our God-given gifts in life? Are they natural abilities we gain from birth or talents we develop in the course of our societal responsibility? Personally speaking, I recognize that everything is natural and do not believe that there is anything under the sun that is not a part of nature. Even the elements of human origin. But without forgetting the views of an atheist, I would say that God-given gifts relate to the expected capabilities we have. For example, life itself is a gift from God.

We cannot live without life and life cannot be artificially recreated. The functions of the systems in our bodies are gifts as well. Deoxyribonucleic acid, digestion, circulation, reproduction, respiration, vision, audio, stimuli, instinct, smell, taste, sleep … The ability to perform mundane responsibilities | walking, talking, learning, eating, reading, writing, singing, arts and craft, critical thinking … | the expression of super ordinary talents that lead to a defined social responsibility are all parts of nature which are gifts of God.


Social responsibilities are the jobs, occupations and other responsibilities that we have, which may contribute to the effective progress of the community. Women are grateful for their God-given gifts in life! It should be shameful to even debate if women deserve a fair and equal shot at education, occupation, governance, policy development, faith and the defense of their country. In my opinion, I think women are fed up with religious doctrines that portray them as the weaker sex and others that go so far as to say women are impure because of their menstrual cycle.

Women are simply tired of being undervalued in many areas of work. She is not physically strong enough, she can get pregnant, she can be a distraction, she can betray the faith, she can complain and push for change in long-standing traditions. In this respect, the United States is late to the party. The head of the British Empire can be a woman or a man. Germany is led by a woman and so is Liberia, a country in West Africa. Women have been sovereign rulers since the beginning of time. However, men have had a disproportionate advantage when it comes to positions of power.

One can wonder; if women were made when Isaac Newton, Steve Jobs, Leonardo Da Vinci and Bill Gates worked on their inventions? Have women taken the time to study a particular subject and lock themselves away to crack a code? No! Have women risked poverty, humiliation and even death on a quest to discover the secret to unlock a great invention? Maybe not. But many women have supported the men who made those inventions. Women have played a direct and subliminal role in every progress of humanity.


This should be even more evidence to the reasoning behind why Hilary Clinton’s clinch of the magic number of delegates in her 2016 run for president of the United States is truly historic. From generation to generation, women have been in the shadow of greatness. Often playing the role of a loyal wife or precious daughter of the great one. Hilary Clinton’s highest achievement | had she not been ambitious | would have been that of a first lady. And we all know that racism had a lot to do with this. Like smoking is the gateway to other drugs, racism is a gateway to all other forms of discrimination. Though women strive for equality, it was the white man that had placed himself above all others – Women, Blacks, Aboriginal, Immigrants, Arabs etc.

And even as Hilary is the first woman to reach this high in United States politics, as she strives to become the first female president of the land, many will be more concerned with the fact that the first woman to get there is a white woman, then they will be about what role will the husband of a female president be? What should be more encouraging in this history making the time we live in, is if this generation can finally bridge the gap between race, gender, sexuality and bring an end to all other forms of labeling and profiling of others, especially, with regard to weights and measures.

As we did not elect our first black president solely because of his race, we will elect Hilary Clinton not only because she’s a woman but also because she’s the most qualified presidential candidate at this time. This is the generation that will do better in up keeping our traditions while bringing an end to bullying, discrimination and all other forms of bigotry. We are the generation that will proclaim that “human right is women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights.” *

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