In Support of Women’s Rights & Liberties

I have written extensively about feminism where I’ve made several points. 1. The feminist movement became radicalized after its third wave. And such radicalization has affected the romantic relationships between men and women. It has also threatened to destroy the fabric of traditional cultures. 2. I’ve stated that the movement should not be political. It shouldn’t push its agenda in government, educational system, or the mainstream media. Nor major entertainment corporate industries. 3. That their call for equality does not factor in men’s rights and liberties. And 4. that feminism cannot speak for all women. By doing so the movement could strip some women of the right to choose not to be feminists. These are my main points of contention.


I distinguish feminism as an ideology. I’ve also made it clear in my writings. In speaking against the radical aspects of the ideology, I do support its revisionist viewpoints. They include women’s rights and liberties. I talk against domestic abuse, child brides or forced arranged marriages. I’m against the abuse of women. To me, all women must be treated respectfully, equally and fairly in society. Of course, I support all agenda of the first and second waves of feminism.

I have not condemned feminism entirely. Instead, I’ve advocated for a fine-tuning of its ideology to recognize men as victims of the issues that affect women. The call for change is not for men to fight feminism. It is for society as a whole to correct the fundamental aspects of the system. Things that may put people of the opposite sex at a disadvantage. I’ve rejected the notion of a “rape culture.” Yet, I acknowledge that rape is a problem for some women when they are exposed to sexual predators. My reason for saying this is to differentiate between an honest inexperience suitor from an outright sex abuser.

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