Is Every Black Person Not An African?


I shared this video to highlight the division between people of African lineage. For example, Kanye West once released a song called “Diamonds from Sierra Leone.” A lot of Africans thought that was cool. A black person who was born and raised outside of Africa was identifying with a magnificent place on the continent. But was he tho? In the embedded video you see Kanye remind Michael Blackson that he feels he’s better than Blackson because he’s from Chicago. He refers to Blackson’s home country as if it is some “shithole” in Africa. He names Liberia with a derogatory tone and insinuates that Ghana is not an exceptional place. Mind you Ghana is one of the most authentic places in the world.

Now here’s the problem. In Chicago, the police openly profile black men all the time. In the United States, in general, any policeman can murder any black person. And the worst thing that will happen is taxpayers footing the murdofficer’s vacation while a Grand Jury figures out a way to let him go free. Or a white nationalist might do the same to an African American, or someone from a Caribbean Island or an African. And remember, Kanye is a black man who came from slavery. He got rich, and now he’s talking about the place that he should consider his roots in a derogatory way. The irony is Kanye West used to produce socially conscious music.

When President Trump ran for office, almost the entire world condemned everything he ran on. We all saw that his main base was full of white nationalists, racists and the like. Till this day, all over the world, people still protest against Donald Trump. When he won the election the majority of the world was in shock. Am I right or wrong? Well today, if you pay attention, you will see European nations gradually moving to do the same things that they criticized about Trump. The same message that he had about immigration, war, tax cut, the Iran deal, Obama Care, NAFTA, American jobs, Muslim bans, China, etc. the European leaders are beginning to favor them. Why???


In the heat of that moment, Kanye demonstrated that he will shit on another black person if they came from Africa. He wants us to rate him in the same class as Piccaso when we have prominent African artists. Even in Chicago. This brother thinks he’s a “genius” who should be compared to Picasso. And a lot of Picasso’s work was racist, misogynistic, or even borderline pedophilia. Yet the “genius” Kanye prefers that we compare him to Picasso. If we as black people keep looking at each other like he’s black, he’s from the Caribbean instead of WE are Africans then that division will remain our weakness. The lesson to learn from this incident is that WE blacks must be proud of OUR roots.*

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