My Cell Phones & Social Media Struggles

I hooked up my Samsung Galaxy 10 android phone to my music and blog Facebook page. If you are on that page that means you’re either, Canadian, Australian or America. I’ve added a few of my friends from the Middle East, India, and Africa but mostly it’s for people from my music and literary world. I use it to write blog, comment or read other people’s posts. I also have it hooked to my Instagram and Twitter pages but I don’t use them as much as I use Facebook. Please don’t ask me why.

I also have three different Facebook pages. One is for my institutions of study and ex-co-workers. It includes professors, former students, etc. from Raritan Valley Community College, Rutgers University and Villanova University. There are folks from Trillium College, but mostly it’s my first Facebook page from 2004 that I had when I was at Villanova. You will see cats there from The Jewish Home to Robertwood Johnson University Hospital to Somerset Medical Center. Most of my college and phlebotomy folks are on that Facebook page. 

Social Media Shuffle

I have added some people from my paramedic and literary circles to the first page as well. That page is hooked up to my iPhone. The next Facebook page is for my music. It is full of all my Canadian friends. You will find people from all over the world on that one. I closed it tho. You can’t come on any of my Facebook pages unless I add you. However, that one has the most people. There you will find my blogs and pictures from my travels. It’s the everything goes Facebook page. I have no parents and siblings there.

There are very few college buddies and virtually no ex-co-workers on my music page. It’s vulgar, raw, honest and filled with Hip Hop shit. The third Facebook is strictly for my family – mom, dad, siblings, uncles, aunts, grandparents and such. It’s tamed and somewhat controlled. Lol, my good boy shit. That one is on my HTC android phone.*

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