That New Book Is Gonna Be FIRE!!! Written In Gold

That was my Formula. When I was in Africa I drew a path to success. It was like a game plan of what I will do to reach the position I needed to be in. I worked on my accent to ensure that I could communicate with less problems, read a lot of book and taught myself how to rap and write music. Then I realized that many people looked low on rappers so I added literally to my game plan. I used the Bible, and a number to European tomes o teach myself Shakespearean English.

You don’t have to do the same thing I did. Just develop a fool proof map and work or suffer yourself towards that plan step by step. One problem you will face is parents, relatives or people who will laugh at you, criticize you, discourage you and suggest what they think you should do instead. Some will force you, manipulate your surrounding and try to control you by intercepting your resources while using any means to remove the people who help you., from being able to assist. Learn to do a lot of things yourself so you need fewer people. You have to identify the threats to your plan and make tough sacrifices to let people go their way and cut them off, who do not support your plan.

My biggest mistake was being reluctant to let people go when they caused problems for me. Wasted a lot of time dealing with unnecessary drama. I would have accomplished a lot more if I was psychologically strong enough to cut people off who did not believe in what I was working towards. Nothing happens over night, it takes decades to work a master-plan but if you stick to it, eventually you will wake up one day and realize that you arrived at your dream.*

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