Some Dope Shit About Living & Traveling through Europe

Check out this dope shit about Europe. We all know that every country on this continent has its language, culture, mentality, cuisine, and even the dress code. Do you know that they play the same movies on TV that we watch in Canada and the United States? Yep! Gladiator, Matrix, Coming to America, The Mummy, Goodfellas and all that. I was in Paris when the movie Gladiator came on. That joint was in French. Another time I was in Amsterdam and they were playing the Godfather on TV. Michael was speaking Dutch. I’m in Germany right now, and they are playing the Matrix, Trinity just died in German. My bottom line is that there is some earnest paper out here. Europe is super, extra caked up. Guess what language the movie, White Chicks plays when it airs in Norway???*

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