The God Particle

In July 2012 it was announced that the Higgs boson has been discovered. Three young scientists from the Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM) were led by the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Switzerland where the Malaysian science students became one of the pioneers in this historic discovery. Upon the announcement, The Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation (MOSTI), the parent company of the ASM arranged for an ambitious commemoration of the discovery. While the public gathered to celebrate some experts in the science of Physics were called to illustrate the meaning of the revelation to the attending audience. They explained that the Higgs boson is the last piece of the “Standard Model Theory” which is what identifies the essential building blocks of our universe.

At this moment, scientists can better analyze how and why matter reacts the way it does which will then shed light on the genesis of life on earth. MOSTI is the primary government agency responsible for science, technology, and innovation (STI) and it carries twenty-five sub-agencies under its umbrella which enables the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation to get a better understanding of the Higgs boson which was dubbed the “God particle.” Since this discovery is new, there is still more to be revealed to the public in coming days, weeks, months or years. It is almost highly possible that scientists may have corroborated their big bang theory and pinpointed the precise area of impact.*

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