When I came to Islam, my question was, ‘did this Holy book also originate from the Masoretic Text? As well as the Septuagint or the Dead Sea Scrolls?’ Here, we have a similar pattern where they identify Abraham’s God as Allah. Not Yahweh and not Jehovah. The answer to my question had to be a resounding maybe. If the Holy Koran did not originate from the Masoretic Text. And neither the Septuagint or the Dead Sea Scrolls? Is it of the same origin as any of these documents? If not the whole thing then at least the parts that are similar to the Torah and the Bible.

My next question became, ‘from where did the wisdom in these texts and scrolls  originate?’ Keep in mind, I’m stripping faith away from the narrative. In the Koran, we see that just like in the Torah and the Bible, Allah (who now stands in place of Yahweh and Jehovah) also created a perfect world, that goes astray. Usual suspects in the Torah and Bible such as Adam, Noah, Abraham, Issac, Jacob, David, Solomon, etc. are all present in the Koran. And Allah also sends prophet after prophet to try and reclaim this sinful world. The only difference is instead of Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohamed is deemed as Allah’s right and final messenger.

Yahweh & Allah

However, in the ancient scripts, Yahweh approached Abraham at the same time when Allah worship was already prevalent in other parts of the Middle East. Therefore if Yahweh is in fact, Prophet Mohamed’s Allah then we have Allah revealing himself to Abraham for the first time even though he was not new to that region. The twist here is, according to religious archeology, Allah worship existed long before Abrahan or the Prophet Mohamed introduced Islam. It also means that Abraham, Isacc, and Jacob were Muslims? It’s hard to decide if Allah and Yahweh are the same Beings. In either case, Allah plays an identical role in the Koran as Yahweh does in the Torah and the Bible.

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The Prophet Mohamed tries to unify Christianity and Judaism under the banner of Islam. But the idea that Jesus is God or even Yahweh’s son does not sit well with those who adhere to the Masoretic Text, the Septuagint, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Torah or even the newly introduced Koran at that time. Prophet Mohamed explains Jesus as a high-ranking prophet, NOT the son of God or God himself but Judaism does not recognize Christ even as a prophet and it does not acknowledge Allah as the same person as Yahweh. All the same, there remain three separate religions.

Christianity in the Middle East

From all the physical evidence we have, we can conclude that early Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all originated from the Middle East where there is no Caucasian ancestry. Therefore, Yahweh, Allah or Jehovah cannot be a white person. But all three religions had a similar monotheistic undertone, dress code and the same set of sins, morals, and virtues. Where they differ is who Jesus is and how the inevitable part of the story is supposed to play out. Another significant difference is when Christianity degrades the Gods of other religions as horrible and terrifying demons.

In Islam, those other Gods have been recognized as Djins an entirely different species of spiritual beings (some evil and some good). We also find that the Syriac Bible (the original) and the King James Bible are poles apart from each other. So when I accede to the three religions, I find that although Christianity has a more thrilling theory overall, the doctrine has shifted from one premise to another while, but Judaism and Islamic faiths have remained the same over time, and they make a more practical sense.*


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